By: Simran Ebrahim


~Its harder for people with this syndrome to communicate and interact with others because they lack the ability to understand body language and tone of voice.

~Their lack of skills in communication can lead to increased confusion and anxiety

~Asperger's is a form of Autism

~This syndrome is called a "hidden disease" because you cant tell a person has the disease just by their outside appearance

~They have less difficulty speaking and intelligence is at average or above average as opposed to someone with autism.

~They love routine in their lives so they wont be confused as to what they need to do next

~May develop an obsessive interest in a hobby or collection. Sometimes their hobby or collection is lifelong, or sometimes they change.

~They may have sensory difficulties. They may be oversensitive or under sensitive to touch

~Aspergers is more common in males than females. The reason is not known

~It is believed to be caused by genetics or the persons environment, not caused by their upbringing


I learned that Asperger's syndrome is a less severe form of a PDD, or a pervasive developmental disorder. It is a branch off of autism, with autism being more severe than Asperger's syndrome. People with this disease can live normal lives, but have trouble communication and interpreting conversations.