By: Jon Christiansen

Explain everthing

  • On explain everything you'll learn how to do math problem's.
  • And you can sometimes mess around on explain everything.
  • But messing around in technology ain't good.

Haiku deck

  • On haiku deck you will learn how to make flyers.
  • Just like you'll learn how to make flyers on smore.
  • You'll also learn this from Mrs. vandengoard.

Typing Web

  • On typing web you will be able to test your typing skill's.
  • When you finish beginner you'll be able to get your pic on the wall and then be able to move on to advanced.
  • Advanced test your skills a lot more than beginners does


  • On iTrailer you will learn how to make your own movie's.
  • You will also learn how to put pictures in to your iTrailer.
  • You will also learn how to watch your iTrailer and how to upload it.


  • On coding you will learn how to do computer coding in case you want to be a technology person when you grow up.
  • You will also learn how to make your own coding.

Career Locker

  • On career locker i learned that you can add stuff to your character if you get all questions right on a quiz right.
  • I also learned that on career locker you can do games on career locker that give you point 's for doing them.
  • Also you can do job's on career locker that's what gets you the gear
  • And most of the stuff you will learn from Mrs. Vandenbogoard