Great White Sharks

by Kylee Street

Great White Sharks

Deep in the ocean, a greatly feared monster lurks, the Great White Shark. This shark has many qualities that make it one of the most feared sharks in the sea. However, one trait stands out above the rest, the Great White Shark is an extremely skilled hunter.

One attribute that contributes to the Great White being such a good hunter is it's shape. It's bullet-like build helps it dart through the water at speeds up to 35 mph. Also, unlike other sharks, the White Shark is warm-blooded. They, surprisingly, have 300 jagged, triangular teeth, each measuring about 2.5 inches, arranged in many rows in their mouths. Not to mention, their organs sense electromagnetic waves about 1 mile away. In addition to being incredibly fast and strong, the Great White is the largest predatory fish.

Another characteristic of being a dexterous predator is the strategy. The White Shark does quite an unusual thing for food, it "sky hops".Sky hoping is when it pokes it's head out of the water to see it's prey, usually seals and sea lions. The Great White Shark regularly stalks it's prey and the it jumps out of the water, grabbing it's food and killing it.

The Great White Shark is amazing for many reasons. But, the surprising hunting skills it possess is one big factor into that.


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