Get your CHARMS on!


The ideas are endless!

Special Occasions deserve to be encased in a beautiful locket and displayed around your neck and close to your heart. Whether it be your high school graduation, college graduation, wedding day, birth of your child, birth of a grand child, memory of a loved one, awards and recognitions you have earned, goals you have accomplished, hobbies you enjoy, talents and skills, all can be beautifully displayed in a Living Locket by Origami Owl.


Pick up a 2014 calendar at your local bank. Use it to mark all of your gift-giving days on your calendar so you never miss another one!

Here are some special occasions to help get you started:

Birthdays - Have a birthday party for any age and pre-order lockets, charms, and chains! Assembling them at the party is lots of fun! Sweet 16, Milestone birthdays (18, 21, 29, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, etc), For those special people in your life: mom, mother-in-law, sister, sister-in-law, aunt, cousins, and your BFF's!!!

Valentines Day - A special holiday to show your love! Heart lockets make great Valentine's gifts! Fill them up with pink and red crystals! Add 'red hot' lips charm! Super cute!

Easter - Fill up a locket with pastel charms and make it a bracelet!

Mother's Day - Plan a party with mom and let her choose her own locket and charms!

Gradation - 2014 High School and College graduations! Make a special locket to remember their special day!

Baby Shower - Design a locket with pink or blue baby feet, boy/girl birthstone, other cute things to document their new bundle of joy! Give a door prize LOCKET to one of your guests!

Bridal Shower - Design a locket that expresses the happy couple! Give a door prize LOCKET to one of your guests!

Bridesmaids - Have a Living Locket party! Let your girls design their own lockets while having a great time together making memories!

Housewarming - Design a locket to document a new beginning!

Sweetest Day - Design a locket to express your love to your sweet heart! She will LOVE you even more!

Boss's Day - Your boss is awesome! Treat her to a Living Locket! Make it a bracelet!

Administrative Assistants Day
- You know you NEED your assistants because you would be lost without them! Show them how much they mean to you! Give them a special gift that they will keep forever!

Nurse's Week - Design an oh-so-cute Living Locket for your favorite nurse!

Show of Appreciation - Spread the love! Show appreciation for those in your life that helped you out when you were feeling down, went that extra mile to make you feel better, just listened when you needed an ear or shoulder to cry on, gave you that BIG HUG right at the moment when you needed it!

Thank YOU! - Don't forget to say thank you! We all get very busy with our lives and sometimes we forget to say 'thank you' when someone did something very nice for us. Remember that person by gifting them with a beautiful locket to show your gratefulness!

Pay It Forward - Sometimes people do really nice things for others. There is no rhyme or reason. Giving from the heart to brighten someone's day will brighten your own day!

Christmas - Put Living Lockets on your gift list for the holiday season! All lockets are personalized. No one is the same! Original and unique! Your giftee's will LOVE you for it!

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