A word from our President

April 8, 2020

Dear Members and Industry Colleagues:

There has been a lot of discussion over the past weeks regarding safety at the graveside. You may remember on March 19, the NCBVA made a recommendation of immediately discontinuing the use of lap blankets, water cooler service, chairs and chair covers, and tent sidewalls.

I know that many vault companies have discontinued the use of tents, others are still on the fence about what is best for their areas based on a variety of conditions. Our general recommendation is that it is probably best to not set up tents. The presence of tents seems to inadvertently cause crowds to gather and it becomes difficult to maintain the recommended safe distance of six feet. With that said, if your organization continues the use of tents, please be prepared to sanitize the poles and any other high-touch areas to reduce risks. You may also want to emphasize the importance of maintaining safe distancing for anyone under the tent.

Regarding graveside committal services, many of you are mandating that your vault men not approach the grave while a family is still present, and this also seems to make sense. In cases where this might not be feasible, others are asking that all in attendance back away from the grave by 20 feet while the vault is being set, sealed, and lowered.

These are my thoughts and some of the things our board has been discussing. Know that we are here and available as a resource. The NCBVA realizes there are many different environments and situations right now, and the situations continue to change daily. My goals are to enable the conversation, say what we as an organization thinks makes the most sense, and give people things to consider as we go through COVID-19 together.


Steve Handley | NCBVA, President (2019-20) | Handley Precast Systems, Inc | 602-725-4444

PS - Please remember also that Poul Lemasters, our NCBVA legal counsel, is available to speak with members should you have a need to contact him directly about any specific problems in your area. Let me know and I can put you in touch with him.

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