The plants of the rainforsets

Medicinal plants

The impact of the rainforest

The forest floor of old-growth rainforest is rarely the thick,tangled jungle seen in movies and adventure stories.because the battle of sunlight they grow straight and tall
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Bromeliads are related to the pineapple family. Their thick, waxy leaves form a bowl shape in the centre for catching rainwater.Some bromeliads can hold several gallons of water.providing homes for several creatures including frogs and their tadpoles, salamanders, snails, beetles and mosquito larvae.Those that die decompose and furnish the plant with nutrients.bromeliads are also able to catch their own food such as small insects.
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Promblems and solutions

There are many problems that the rainforest encounters. One of the biggest problems is that people cut down millions of trees each year. At the rate that lumberjacks are moving, in each hour of the day, 1,000 to 3,000 acres of the rainforest are destroyed. 40,000,000 to 50,000,000 acres are being destroyed each year.The lumberjacks cut down these trees for firewood, houses, and for other money making industries.