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Data Driven Meeting 4: 1st qrt Benchmark

About Achievement

  • Develops, capture results, and produce standards-based reports (grade level standards)
  • Results can be accessed immediately through a variety of online reports.
  • Data is aggregated by class, grade, school, district, or subject - or disaggregated according to your reporting requirements.

Don't have your log in info?

1.Go to https://tcert.alsde.edu/Portal

2.Insert your name and click search

3. Copy your TCH (teaching certificate number)

This is your username for scantron series

4. Your password is : password(last four of social security number )

Log in to : www.achievementseries.com (benchmark)

www.performanceseries.com (global scholar)

Dive into your data!!!!

Data Driven Tigers

Meeting Agenda

Agenda November 13,2015

INTRODUCTION (2 minutes)

o Review the purpose or goal for the meeting

o Review agenda

Success : identified in benchmark data or any other data (8 minutes)

o Members share successes

o Members identify areas where students were most improved

CHALLENGES (10 minutes)

o Determine areas of highest need


o Analyze individual students data by standard

ACTION PLAN (8 minutes)

o Examine successful strategies that were used

o Select one strategy that everyone will work on between now and the next meeting (in addition to vocabulary instruction through close reads)

o Articulate a goal for the team


Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard!