Parent Presentations

Aurora Amaya-Dyer, CIO Presenter

Inspiration * Motivation * Application

Nov. 19 I Say No Because I Love You Raises Academic Performance and Achievement-This workshop is where parents will better understand that having to say “no” is healthy and necessary for the safety, well being and academic development and success for all children and youth.

Dec. 17 Being A Parent not A Friend: The Link To The Importance of Academic Excellence- Parents will learn the difference between being a friend and parenting in a friendly manner. They will learn how to be effective and maintain respect for all in the home while raising academic performance and experience success in school.

Jan. 21 College Bound World Bound- This is the session where parents will be

inspired and motivated to make sure they are encouraging their youth to attend a college or university. Preparing our youth for the world, making them college bound and world bound.

Feb. 11 The Connection Between Wellness and Nutrition for Academic Achievement-Learning to maintain a healthy lifestyle such as eating well balanced meals, exercising and how that affects the brain to be able to focus and concentrate on school assignments and reach academic success.

March 17 Redirecting Behaviors using Recognition and Praise Builds Self Esteem for Academic Success-Teaching children and youth through praise and recognition is an effective tool that parents will be able to learn and apply in their home which will lead to students receiving higher grades and better performance in school.

April 21 How to Communicate with my Children and Young Adults About Academic

Expectations and Success for the Future-Parents will learn how important it is to keep communication open with their children. They will establish a plan with clear academic expectations to include homework, timelines and following the plan of action.

May 19 Who Am I? Who Are We As A Family? Encouraging Everyone to Reach Academic Success- A strong sense of self is key to having children and youth be responsible for behaviors in the home, school and community. This is where each person realizes the importance of a good education and keeping up with high grades.

June 2 The Golden Rule Reinforcing Character Education and Academic Excellence- Using the universal values teaches character education. This is the link to having parents teach their children and youth to have pride in maintaining high grades, aspire to achieve more and desire to work with excellence in and outside of school.