Melbourne Cricket Ground

Australia landmark

The MCG?

You must be wondering what do the letters, MCG, stand for. Well it means, Melbourne Cricket Ground. The Melbourne Cricket Ground is a place to be entertained and relax while watching events that happen there. You can go and watch Big Bash League games or Three Day International Tests. The MCG has a marvellous dining room where you can enjoy a fantastic dinner while you watch a beautiful sunset above the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

What's so good about the MCG?

If you don't want just sit there and watch the MCG events then you can go inside of the indoors of the Melbourne Cricket Ground. Inside of the MCG has a dining room for you to eat and watch there. Now if you love sport then you can still eat and watch the Melbourne Cricket Ground event.

What's the Weather of Melbourne?

It depends on the weather of Melbourne. You can check on the weather before you come to Melbourne. Melbourne should be sunny when you get there Have good Day there. If it's a hot sunny day just wear a T-shirt and a cap, if it's a cold day just bring a warm jacket to wear.

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How does the Melbourne Cricket Ground stay clear and tidy ?

It was mange the MCC they are one of the largest public responsibility of organising one of the largest and most successful stadiums so Melbourne Cricket Ground when you get there.

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Where excatly is the Melbourne Cricket Ground ?

The MCG is located in the state of Victoria, in the suburb East Melbourne if you would to drive from the East Melbourne to the Melbourne Cricket Ground, it would be a 30 minute drive.

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Welcoming thank you

Thank you for spending your time watching us. Will hope you visit The Melbourne Cricket ground thank you