World Heritage Newsletter

New England - June Edition

Departure for our 2014/15 students!

All of our students will be departing in the next month or so. Thank you for

everything you did to make this year one our students and host families will never forget!

In order for your 3rd and final payments to be released you need the following things complete:

• Activity 3

• 2nd school contact (Please contact me if you have any problems getting in touch with your school admin person. Do this soon as schools will be out in a couple of weeks.)

• Monthly Contacts 7-10; 1 contact (months 7-10) must include face-to-face conversation at least one of the host parents and should be selected using the drop down menu in the database.

Featured below is: Islambek from Kyrgyzstan - a wonderful boy who has had an amazing year with his host family in Maryland. His rep is: Sharon Kalbarczyk.

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Bonus Final Deadline

There is still plenty of time for everyone to qualify for a bonus!

You must qualify by June 30th for the final deadline:

Number of placements & per student:

1 student = $100

3 students = $200

6 students = $300

9 students = $400

You’ve completed a placement--now what?

Congratulations, you have completed at least one placement! Be sure everyone is on the same page to ensure a successful placement from the beginning!

Please read through pages 111-113 in your Area Rep Manual for more information

Host Families:

• The Host Families first contact should be made within a few days after the placement has been completed, via a letter; either sent by snail mail or email

• Remind host families of the required orientation they must attend prior to the students arrival

Area Rep:

• Contact the student you have just placed (never before placement)

• Placement PSA—ask your host family if they are ok with their name being printed in the newspaper (We will work together for this step)

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Featured student - Ademi from Kazakhstan!

Meet Ademi - she is 16 and from Kazakhstan. Ademi won a merit based scholarship out of thousands of students to come and live the American dream for a year! Ademi has an active family and a real zest of life. She lives near the beach at home and enjoys running there, or working out in the gym. For many years she was a dancer, and though she doesn't dance anymore she still enjoys exercise and staying fit. She has one brother, who is in University, and her mom stays at home. Dad owns a farm far from her home, so she doesn't get to see her dad and brother as much as she would like to. Fortunately, they enjoy traveling together as a family, and one of Ademi's favorite trips was a recent one to Dubai. She has even studied in Vancouver so she is used to being away from home and being part of a new family. Ademi describes herself as an excellent student, and a hard worker. Her family places a high value on "discipline, education, and kindness," and she is very proud that she has these traits. She is excited for her next adventure - as part of an American family in the USA!
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Featured student - Andrea from Italy

Hi, I'm Andrea and I come from a small island in Italy. A little piece of paradise where I reside with my lovely family, my mom, dad and two brothers, I'm the middle child. My childhood has been magical, perfect and awesome thanks to my love of books! I love fantasy, thrillers and literary classics. If I could bring only one book to a desert island it would be 'The Chronicles of Narnia" by C.S.Lewis as this is the book I feel best represents me. My second love is writing. It's my dream to become a writer, for one simple reason: to give another person happiness, love and voyages to the end of the world! A few months ago I had a piece of my work published and the proceeds will go to a little girl in Africa, so I feel like the first piece of my dream has become a reality. I also like to draw as this helps me visualize the characters I write about. I love to act, play flute and sing; in short, I love the arts in all her shades. I played football for seven years and also participated in judo. I love animals, babies and nature. I enjoy observing the sky at night. I'm friendly and like to joke, I think it's important to be able to laugh at ourselves. I love to travel, to see new places, to meet new people and get to know new customs and cultures. I can't wait to meet my new American family!


For current reps: I have sent out a personalized 'Thank you' card to all families hosting a student this year, along with some profile pics and bios. If your family contacts me to re-host I'll let you know and help you with the process.

For new reps: Please contact me with any questions regarding your upcoming placement or for help with finding more host families in your area.