Brown vs Board of Education

Maggie Walden, Alexis Newlin, Tristan Browne.

The Five W's


Linda Brown and her family.


The Topeka Board of Education

Judge Earl Warren


Linda Brown's family sued the Topeka Board of education for the illegal segregation of public schools. This ordeal was provoked by the fact that Linda was forced to walk 20 blocks to school everyday even though there was a white school less than 5 blocks away. With the help of the NAACP, the case was moved up to the Supreme Court where segregated schools were deemed illegal.


The court trial monopolized the majority of the year 1954. Right in the heart of the Civil Rights movement.


The trial originally took place in Topeka, Kansas, but was relocated to Washington D.C. when promoted to the supreme court.


The parents of Linda Brown sued for desegregation of public schools so that their daughter could go to the white school that was much closer to their home.

The Aftermath

What Happened Next?

This was one of the first steps to desegregation of public schools. After segregation was outlawed, whites still opposed colored integration. They voted for segregationist candidates, suppressed colored peoples right to vote with violent and sometimes deadly actions(3 colored people died), and some extremists pulled their children out of the integrated schools.

Long Term Effects

All schools were eventually desegregated and African Americans earned their full rights.

Short Term Effects