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Everything is Holy Now

December Greetings from Rev. Beth!

At this time of the year, there are many holy days celebrated all around the world. On Thanksgiving Day in the US, decorations for Christmas and the other holidays were well underway. We have a choice… these events can become holidays with lots of activities, stress, and busyness, or we can choose to focus on this time as holy days, a time to reflect on our holy-ness or wholeness.

Eugene Holden writes, “One definition of holiness is exalted or worthy of complete devotion as one perfect in goodness and righteousness.” We see the wholeness and divine perfection of all life and it is worthy of devotion. We keep our hearts and minds focused on the Divine and the simple perfection of all life. We release judgments that often keep us from seeing and participating in that perfection. Declaring that everything is holy now, we include ourselves… We stand in the knowing that we are the holy gift of the Divine. And a gift is only a gift when it is given away freely.

Jane Beach invites you to know the beauty of who you are as we become more aware of our wholeness. Are you willing to make the changes that foster peace and happiness? Every moment offers us the choice to say yes to what you want and to let go of what is no longer in your best interests. It is okay to say no to what is not serving you.

Guy Williams shares a beautiful prayer to support us as we focus on our wholeness, our holiness, our divinity, which some call the birth of the Christ Consciousness in everyone. Some highlights…

I open my heart, my mind and my very being to stay present to that vast and amazing cosmic story which is still being told. I contemplate this Living Presence and I view the vast arc of goodness, truth, and beauty that my eyes behold. I am aware that we are all a centre of divine consciousness in this vast whole. This consciousness calls forth in each of us that which is good and noble. It is this Presence which invites each of us to co-create a world that is just, equitable and sustainable of all life… a world that works for all creation.

Affirmation: I open my heart to see the wholeness and perfection of my Being. I accept that I am a holy gift of the Divine. I give of this gift of my life freely to co-create a world that works for everyone.

I wish each of you a Happy and Holy Holiday Season!

During our Sunday Evening Sacred Circle this month, we will continue to focus on Mindfulness together in community. As we become more mindful, we connect with who we truly are, that place where we are completely whole, where there is no separation and we are the I AM, Consciousness. Join us!

In gratitude to all, Namaste

Beth Oliver Linguri, Spiritual Director

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Sunday Evening Sacred Circle in Geneva

Anyone interested in joining in spiritual community to embrace the universal truth of all spiritual traditions, to seek that which joins us together in Oneness, to support each other in spiritual growth, is very welcome to join us!

If you are seeking to discover and nurture inner peace as a pathway to world peace, this group provides opportunities to learn and grow with radically inclusive individuals. Typical activities include weekly meditation circles, classes, and workshops, led by international spiritual leaders on topics such as embracing change, what is my purpose, love, self-love, forgiveness, oneness, and more. The theme of discussion during December is: Mindfulness.

On December 22, we will be celebrating Christmas so come along, bring a friend, and share some delicious festive appetisers with us!

Starting in January 2020, our Sacred Circle meeting time on Sundays will shift from 6-8pm to 7-9pm. The first Sunday of each month is "gratitude Sunday* so please bring something sweet, salty, or bubbly to share!

Our center exists because of you and your ¨givingness¨. A donation of CHF 10 each Sunday would be greatly appreciated to help cover rental costs.

We use the Meetup application as 'Spiritual Growth Group' so please register there for potential changes to our time, venue, and information!

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