The Sleep Sheep

The sleepiest sheepiest thing ever


The problem I am trying to solve is that a lot of people have trouble falling asleep. We get uncomfortable or a bad temperature or both. If you have trouble sleeping, well today is your lucky day. I intended to make a successful product and I succeeded. I hope you who are reading this have a great day at the science fair (and night).


The sleep sheep is a hand-made plush sheep stuffed animal with special effects

  • A heating pack (also known as a hand warmer).

  • A pocket with a cooling stone.

  • A pocket with herbs (rosemary and lavender).

  • A vibrating motor.

If you or your child have a hard trouble falling asleep, then the sleep sheep is the product for you. This hand-made plush toy has a vibrating motor that soothes you. It also has a hot or cold pouch to adjust body temperature and a pocket for herbs like lavender with soothing smells. Tested on children to prove it works.