N.C. Bathroom Bill

Arguments and Claims


Emerson, Lauren N, Allyson V, Mackenzie M, Sarah N, Madison L, and Grayson T

Claim & Counterclaim

Claim: North Carolina shouldn't be against the law.

Counterclaim: It's okay for the state to be the law.

Reasons & Evidence

Reasons for claim: It goes against what what the people believe. Also the state is losing business because of the law.

Evidence for claim: The Justice Department’s civil rights office said the measure is discriminatory and violates civil rights. Important people are also stating the many negativities of what the state believes.

Reasons for counterclaim: The state talks about the overall views of the people, and they think it goes against the many morals people may have. They don't support what's going on, and because of this, they believe they can be against it.

There was no factual evidence to support the counterclaim.


Although the article mentions both sides of the debate, the majority of the article supports the fact that the state shouldn't feel the way they do.

This is also shown with the lack of evidence and reasons to support the counterclaim.