If I Could

by Kramen Swanson


The title is "If I Could." I think the poem will be about someone hoping they can do something.


If I could stop someone's unhappiness, I won't live

a selfish life.

If I could make someone's life less achey,

or ease someone's pain.

Or help an injured bird back to it's nest.

I won't live a selfish life.


The poem is talking about trying to be a helping hand to everyone in need. He says "If I could stop one heart from breaking." He means he wants to make someone happier. Also he says "cool one pain," which probably means he wants to ease somebody's sadness. Overall I think the poem is teaching the reader not to be vain and to help others in need.


The author seems serious, yet lighthearted.


I don't see a shift.

Title (again)

After reading the poem I think the title is actually about somebody wanting to help others and give a lending hand.


The poem is about being caring and helpful. The poet says the words "help", "ease", "cool one pain." It sounds like caring words.