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October 2018

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College GO Week

Imagine your future...the possibilities are endless! No matter what your life plans or goals are, education is the one thing that can give you the power to accomplish whatever you set out to do. That is why the School City of Hobart celebrates College GO Week at each of our schools! Our goal through this week and throughout the school year, is to help students learn about the possibilities that are out there for them to further their education and get steps closer to achieving their goals. The 4th grade students in all of our Elementary schools went on a tour of the high school learning about the different programs and dual-credit classes that are offered. These courses are part of Hobart University which is a partnership through Ivy Tech that is completely FREE to our students. By taking these courses, students can earn college credit and even graduate with a technical certificate or Associates degree! In the Middle School, students were able to participate in several opportunities to learn about different colleges, what they each offer, and what one would work best for their future goals. Finally, at the High School, students were able to meet with different local universities during lunch and even apply to colleges! Representatives were there to assist in the application process and for most, the fees were waived! Bonus!

Just because the week is over doesn't mean that information is unavailable. Learn More Indiana is a complete resource standing behind you, dedicated to helping you accomplish your education the way you want and following your dreams as closely as possible. Get started down your own path, and define your future. Check out their website below! Or if you want to speak to someone personally, our Guidance Department is always there for you! The resources are unlimited!

Khan Academy - A Personalized learning resource for all ages! For Free. For Everyone. Forever.

Khan Academy offers practice exercises, instructional videos, and a personalized learning dashboard that empower learners to study at their own pace in and outside of the classroom. Their mission? To provide a free, world-class education for anymore, anywhere. They tackle math, science, computer programming, history, art history, economics, and more. Their math missions guide learners from kindergarten to calculus using state-of-the-art, adaptive technology that identifies strengths and learning gaps. Khan has also partnered with institutions like NASA, The Museum of Modern Art, The California Academy of Sciences, and MIT to offer specialized content. Get your learn on!

High School Junior and Seniors - Becoming a Teacher?

Join current Valparaiso University Education students and faculty while you learn about the exciting opportunities for future education leaders. You will also get a student-led tour of the campus, learn about the expectations of campus life, experience a mock class demonstration, and more! Lunch is also provided at the workshop followed by optional opportunities! Please seek the link for more information and the flyer to register!
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First Annual Hobart High School Club Fair written by Faith Spencer

Hobart High School's First Club Fair was a Success! On September 10th, HHS held their first successful club fair. DECA Club members: Faith Spencer, Crisse Hairston, and Jenna Uhles spent countless hours creating, planning, and organizing this event. The purpose of the Club Fair was to inform the HHS student body of all the different extracurricular activites that they could participate in and ultimately see a rise in student participation. With thirty-two clubs attending the Club Fair, HHS is happy to announce that all of their goals were met! With over 200 students signing up for a club that day, the students were able to actively participate in educating themselves on multiple extracurricular activities such as: Veterinary Science Club, DECA, Booster Club, and Drone Club. Students were able to walk around and speak to different clubs about what each club has to offer at Hobart High School and how they can participate in that club. - Faith Spencer, HHS DECA Club Member

Our Band is Really Playing the Tunes!

Our High School band makes every event they are at so much more enjoyable. Whether is be a football game, pep rally, ground breaking, or at their own concert or event - they make the night memorable. The songs are great, their skills are on point, and you can't help but move to the beat of their hearts while they are playing their instrument as a team. Recently they had their Senior Night which recognized 5 great students and then continued on to compete at the ISSMA where they conquered a GOLD and earned a Visual Achievement Award! Want to hear their performances? Check out a couple of them at the links below or visit their Facebook page at! Like and follow their page and you can stay up to date on their performances and achievements! #BrickieUp

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Kindness Is Everywhere - Especially With Our Kindergartner, Nolan!

Earlier this month, the Early Learning Center at George Earle had asked any family that may be getting rid of stuffed animals to donate them for a new story time plan at their library. Little did they know, a particular Kindergartner heard about this and created a plan of his own. Nolan had a whole basket of stuffed puppy dogs at home and decided to bring them ALL in to be used with his fellow Class of 2031 classmates! It was a great, unexpected donation that warmed the hearts of everyone at the ELC. He was SO excited to share them, too! Way to go, Nolan, and way to spread the kindness!
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New Elementary Ground Breaking Was An Exciting Moment!

The sun was shining, the chairs were set, the tents were up and the crowd - was overwhelming with support! We could not be more proud of the community for coming together to help celebrate the ground breaking of the New School City of Hobart Elementary School. Many spoke at the event ranging from our School Board Members to Ridge View Students who are excited that their school will soon have a new home with state of the art STEAM programs, a separate cafeteria and gymnasium, and so much more to offer our students. Finally with the band playing, cheerleaders cheering and School Board ready to dig into the ground, Dr. Buffington open the land to any student that wanted to take part in the ceremonial ground breaking. Again, the excitement and support was clear, with every kid taking a turn with the shovel and dirt being flung around as smiles beamed. Many thanks to the School City of Hobart Community for their support - let the construction begin!

Check out the Post Tribune Article here:

SRO Corporal White Earns Award!

Every year the Hobart Educational Foundation gathers their members and selects someone in our community that has made in impact in our Schools, particularly with the students. These individuals do not just work and 9 - 5 job, they are there all of the time. Staying with students who need someone to talk with, keeping in touch with others that need occasional encouragement, and being an outstanding role model both on and off of the job. This year it went to a much deserving role model, the School City of Hobart's own SRO at the High School, Corporal Monte White! His presence is always positively known and our students and staff could not be more thankful to have him their to keep us safe and on track. He does more than keep the school safe, he strives to make everyone he meets better. Thank you for all that you do Corporal! #BrickieUp
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Do You Like eLearning? eLearning Day on November 6th!

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Additional Links from the Indiana Department of Education

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Aaachoo! - Cold or Flu?

Let's admit the facts, having a cold or flu will knock you out no matter how strong you are. We want to give you as many tips as possible in hopes of keeping you and your family strong and healthy during this cold and flu season. Below are links provided by our nursing staff that will better assist you in staying the healthiest YOU can be.

The Flu: A Guide For Parents
Parent Awareness and Prevention Letter
Public Health Instructions and Parent Tips

Hand Washing Procedures - English Version
Hand Washing Procedures - Spanish Version

Individuals and Family Checklist - English Version
Individuals and Family Checklist - Spanish Version
*for use during an outbreak

More information can be found at the following websites:

Check out more helpful links at our Health Services page:

Head Lice Can Happen Anywhere.

Head lice is a common issue in the United States primarily happening to children ages 3 - 11. Children can get head lice anytime they are in close contact with others – for example, during play at home or school, slumber parties, sports activities or camp. The good news is that Head Lice to not carry any diseases and are easily preventable and treatable. Below are some helpful links from our nurses that will help you "get in the know" about Lice.

Head Lice 101: An Overview for Parents, Teachers, and Communities

Don't Let Head Lice Bug You! What You Need to Know

What Every Parent Should Know About Head Lice (English)
What Every Parent Should Know About Head Lice (Spanish)

Facing Head Lice (English)
Facing Head Lice (Spanish)

CDC Guidelines for Head Lice

School City of Hobart Policy 8451

Check out more helpful links at our Health Services page:

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HHS Suicide Awareness Walk

Monday, Oct. 1st, 3-4:30pm

Hobart High School Field House

Join us as we put the focus on National Suicide Awareness Month! Why we walk? Each year, suicide claims more lives than war, murder, and natural disasters combined. Yet suicide prevention doesn't receive anywhere near the funding as other leading causes of death. It's up to Walkers like us to make a difference. Together we can change the conversation about mental health and put a stop to this tragic loss of life.

Suicide Awareness Parent Night

Monday, Oct. 1st, 6-7pm

Hobart High School Board Room

Parents, please join us for this brief but informative meeting in regards to suicide awareness and mental health. Young adolescents and teens have different pressures than when we, as adults, had growing up. Come and learn how to see the signs and ways that you can help your child(ren) handle some of these pressures.

High School Parent Conferences

Tuesday, Oct. 23rd, 5pm

Hobart High School

Hobart High School will be offering Parent Conferences this evening. More information will become available as the time nears. Until then, SAVE THE DATE!

Fall Break - No School!

Friday, Oct. 26th, 7am-3pm

School City of Hobart

The School City of Hobart School District will be closed today for Fall Break!

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Dr. Peggy Buffington and Sarah Ramos

The School City of Hobart does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, sex, color, national origin, religion, age, sexual orientation, marital status, genetic information, or disability, including limited English proficiency.

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