By: Jack Maier

Facts About Scandium

Chemical symbol: Sc

Atomic Number: 21

Atomic mass: 44.956 A.M.U.

Chemical state: solid

Number of isotopes: 37

Metal, nonmetal, metalloid: metal

Period number: 4

Group/ Family name: Scandium family

Similar elements in its group/family: Yttrium

Some Uses of Scandium

Scandium is used in many things. Some of these things are aerospace industry components and sports equipment. Some of the sports equipment it is found in is bicycle frames, baseball bats, fishing rods, and golf clubs.

More Interesting Facts About Scandium

Boiling point: 2830 degrees Celsius

Melting point: 1540 degrees Celsius

Radioactivity: Scandium is not radioactive

Cost to purchase: $75.00 per g.

Discoverer: Lars. F. Nilson

Origin of name: Latin- Scanda which means Scandinavia where it was found

Color: silvery-white

Odor: No odor

Reactivity: selective

Additional Information About Scandium

Scandium will tarnish to a yellow or pinkish color when it is exposed to air. If water is run over it, a reaction will occur that releases hydrogen gas. Scandium is very reactive towards acids and the halogens.

Properties of Scandium

Type of Metal: Transition Metals

Shininess: yes

Malleable: yes

Ductile: yes

Conductive: yes


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