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December 6, 2018

Roosevelt Weekly Parent Info

Hello to all Roosevelt families! A few reminders for the week:

Climb to Feed Kids: Check out this AWESOME video, made by Mrs. Krusemark's class, that cleverly explains the Climb to Feed Kids backpack fundraiser. Please help us reach our goal of $1500. Your child can bring in any cash donations to their teacher starting now, OR here's the link to donate online. Your support is appreciated!!!

• Rocky Time: Today we completed our theme of PERSISTENCE & SELF-DETERMINATION. We celebrated our mistakes and continued learning about steps to reaching a goal. Ask your child to see the short-term goal that they chose.

IT'S COLD: Brrrr...Roosevelt Raccoons go outside when it's cold. Students must have coats and hats when it's below 32 degree. Snow pants, boots, and gloves are needed if students wish to play on the snow hill. Also, please check lost and found--it's growing by the day!

• Attendance: Please be sure to call into Roosevelt if your child is out sick. Please call 345-1264 to reach the Roosevelt health office.

• Roosevelt third graders have the opportunity to participate in the statewide Read to the Final Four contest using myON Reader. Third grade myON reading minutes will count toward Roosevelt's standing in the Read to the Final Four bracket. Roosevelt needs to be in the top 17 schools to move on to the bracketed tournament rounds in January. Third graders can view school rankings by logging into myON. Find more information about this on the flyer or by going to http://www.finalfourminneapolis.com/read-to-the-final-four/

• Vision & Hearing Referrals: The Mankato School District Health Services has completed their annual vision and hearing screenings at all of the schools. If your child did not pass either vision or hearing, the parent will be notified with a referral letter recommending your child receive a professional examination. The Licensed School Nurses ask parents to take these referral letters to the doctor and return the completed form to the health office at school so we can follow up with the results and recommendations from the exam. Remember, with prompt referral and follow-up, children have an opportunity to receive appropriate, timely care and services, which lead to better health and educational outcomes.

Parking: Take a look at the picture of Roosevelt below. Please refrain from parking on the street in the highlighted area. These are permit-parking areas only.

Have a great weekend, Raccoons!!

Ann Haggerty

Roosevelt Principal

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