Bulldog Bulletin

Belmont Elementary 5th Grade

English Language Arts

This week 5th graders will continue to explore perspectives of the loyalists and separatists by getting to experience what it might have felt like to be a colonist who was taxed without representation.

We will also continue to prepare Prezi's as our form of presentation for student led conferences at the end of the week!

1. I can organize my thoughts and ideas to prepare for my conference.


This week the 5th graders will continue to work with adding and subtracting mixed numbers. The students will be learning about regrouping when necessary to add or subtract appropriately. They will also learn how to read a word problem and interpret what is necessary to solve that problem.

Special Math Olympics Fun: In the coming weeks 5th graders will get the chance to compete against themselves in the "Math Olympics" click the link below to check out the games and fun! This is a great way for the students to practice using some of those skills that are so neccessary to math and makes it engaging too!


1. I can add mixed numbers.
2. I can regroup in order to subtract mixed numbers.

Social Studies Focus - The Road to Independence

We will continue to consider these questions as we look at the events that led to the Revolutionary War:

1. What were the consequences of colonies resisting British policies?

2. How were the rights of colonists different from those of citizens living in Britain?

3. How did the Enlightenment shape the idea of government in the American colonies?

4. How did the French and Indian War change the relationship between colonists, American Indians, and the British government?

5. How did the deteriorating relationship between Great Britain and the American colonies impact both countries?


1. I can analyze the different reasons settlers might have wanted to settle in the Ohio River Valley and determine why that might have caused conflict.

2. I can draw information from multiple sources to determine the causes and effects of the Stamp, and Townshend Acts
3. I can examine the difference in the two points of views of the Boston Massacre by looking at two different portrayals of the events.



February 11 - Valentine Parties

February 12-13 - Parent Teacher Conferences
February 13,14,17 - NO SCHOOL
February 13 - Belmont Papa John's Night
February 28 - PTO BINGO NIGHT


March 14-21 - Spring Break

April 4 - Science City Field Trip

Science City

When we travel to Science City we will have the opportunity to see a movie about black holes in the planetarium.

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