German Grammatik

Nico Hour 7

My name, age, and where I'm from, How I get to school

Ich heiße Nico

Ich bin vierzehn Jahre alt

Ich komme aus Wyoming

Ich komme mit dem Auto zur Schule

Definite Articles

There are many ways to say "The" in different languages. In german there are three ways to say "the" which are called definite articles.


Der is one of the three ways to say "the" in the german language. It is known as masculine, which means male. It is usually said when describing boys or men, such as Der Junge or the boy.


Die is the second word in the definite articles and is another way to say "the." Die is feminine in the german language which means it is used with females. Such as Die Deutschlehrerin. Which is german for "the german teacher (female)"


Das is the third word in the definite articles and is another way to say "the." Das is neutral which means it can either way. Such as Das Mädchen which is the girl.

Sein Conjurgation

ich bin- I am

du bist- you are

er, sie, es ist- he, she, it is

wir sind-we are

ihr seid- y'all are

sie, Sie sind- they, you are

1. Wie alt bist du?

2. Ich bin sechzehn jahre alt.

3. Sie sind vierzehn Jahre alt.

4. Wir sind fünfzehn jahre alt.