GianPaul Graziosi

For Senior Class President

Goals/Duties as President

As Senior Class President I will fulfill:

· selling class and EA gear

· Organizing the Class gift

· Having Strong Funds for Prom

· Planning Upper and Senior Dinners

· Planning Senior Week and Senior Night

· Having an increased number of Class events in addition to the past ones:

Fall Icebreaker, Winter Hot Chocolate Night, Spring Beach Trip, finals study breaks, Organized assassin, Dodgeball tournament, etc.

· Staying on top of Alumni connections/ Planning first reunion

· Graduation Speech


· Change in Prom Location

· More LasO grill nights

· Senior Reflections Night

· Exeter River Event

· Improved Senior Gift donation process

· Holiday selling ideas (Halloween candy, Winter Chocolate, Valentine roses)

I feel that I would be best for the position of Senior Class President. I am prepared and excited to make a difference for the class. I am an organized, hardworking, and enterprising leader with past experience in other clubs. Now, there are 14 qualified and well-rounded candidates and any of them could work well at the position, but step back and consider the options. I ran a clear-cut campaign: I was the first to hand in my signatures and one of the first to put up posters. As a reflection of that, I am one of the more efficient and hardworking candidates. I know how to work, but more importantly, I talk with a large portion of the people in our class. Although I have a strong work ethic, my strength lies in connecting with others. I have the ability to sit at a table and get to know people, to reminisce. I am able to not only represent us, but connect us all through senior week and the first reunion.

In terms of improvement, I would like to have stronger visibility in our event choices and gear-making through the class fb page, taking more input from others. Most of all, I want to improve the year through an increased number of class events. This would include more lasO nights in grill, a Senior Reflections Night, and some smaller holiday selling-events to raise money. Other major changes include a change in location of prom and streamlining the process of senior gift donations.If given the opportunity, I will work hard for my class.

Thank you for your consideration.