Much Ado About Nothing

By Elizabeth Tomashek

Actors taking their place


The three biggest events that happened in this play were the proposal, Don John's lie about Hero, and the wedding.

The event that starts right away in the play, is when Claudio wants to marry Hero. The soldiers come home from battle, and after making themselves comfortable, Claudio confesses his love for Hero. When Leonato blesses him, Claudio and Don Pedro make a plan so he can propose to Hero. Claudio want to get married right away, showing how dedicated he is. This is the event that sets everything for the rest of the story, because if it wouldn't have happened, nothing else would've either.

Don John's lies are a huge part in this play. He intends to ruin the character's lives, so he makes a plan so that Claudio will not want to marry Hero. His plan, made up of lies, works, and indeed ruins the marriage of Claudio and Hero. It shows how evil Don John really is. If this event wouldn't have happened, the marriage would've been sooner.

The last great event that happens is the wedding. Even after all the lies the truth came out and the wedding was finally held. Claudio and Hero had their happy ending, and made the play end on a happy note. This event shows that Claudio and Hero love each other just the same as before, and are a devoted couple.

Theme: Love is hard

The characters in 'Much Ado About Nothing' have difficulty with love. For example, Hero and Claudio's relationship seemed great, but because of Don John's plan to break them up, they went through a hard time. This includes when Don John told Claudio that Don Pedro wanted Hero for himself and when Borachio courted Margaret dressed as Hero making it seem that Hero was a whore. Love was also hard when Friar Francis and Leonato announced Hero's death. Another couple, Benedick and Beatrice, had a hard time with love, as they vowed never to marry. They always made fun of each other. Though, when they each heard rumors of the other loving them, they finally came together and got married.

The song "We Need a Resolution" by Aaliyah represents this theme. This song talks about problems a couple is having. 'Did you sleep on the wrong side?' lyric connects to when Hero hears Claudio doesn't want to marry her because she's a whore. Hero didn't do what Claudio thinks she did, so Hero is confused why he is acting this way. 'Who should be hurt? Who should be blamed?' is a lyrics that makes sense for Don John because he is the one who should be blamed, but no one knows that and that's what they're trying to figure out. 'Am I supposed to change?' fits good with Beatrice and Benedick because they've always bickered with each other, but now they are changing their feelings. 'We need a resolution, we have so much confusion' relates to the wedding. Claudio leaves Hero, and nobody knows what is going on, so just to be safe, they make it seem like she's dead until they know the truth. That is why this song fits the theme love is hard.

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