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College Planning Resource for Seniors

Check out our virtual college resources to hear from college reps and get the information you need to apply to college and compete for scholarships (including information about application processes, deadlines, ACT scores, financial aid, the FAFSA, etc.).

Colleges Included:

Bryan College

Cleveland State Community College

Chattanooga State Community College

East TN State University

Lee University

Middle TN State University

TN College of Applied Technology (TCAT Athens)

TN Technological University

TN Wesleyan University

University of TN - Chattanooga

University of TN - Knoxville

  • Tn Tech is a non-committal school. You can apply, be admitted and get scholarships and still apply to other schools.
  • You must be admitted to apply for the 700+ Tn Tech Scholarships. December 15th is the deadline for the SCHOLARSHIP application each year.
  • Academic scholarships are primarily based on GPA and ACT or SAT scores. They must be received from the school or issuing organization, not the student.
  • 42%-43% of Tn Tech students graduate debt-free! Tn Tech graduates have the lowest average student debt of all public TN colleges!
  • Summer & Fall 2022 applications are open. Apply now for better chance at academic scholarships!

Click the Senior Milestones Toolkit image to access the website.

The TN Higher Education Commission has compiled numerous resources for you to use throughout your senior year. Scroll down to access the information tabs. You'll find information on the TN Promise Scholarship, College Application Resources, the FAFSA, and Financial Aid.
Senior Milestone Toolkit

Didn't see the college you are interested in in our guide? Check out this resource from the TN Higher Education Commission! You can also google the college you are interested in and access information directly from their website.