Come to paris

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If you were to travel to Paris and you hear a different language well The Language they speak is French. But English is considered the second language in Paris.

France, Paris

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What to do when bored

If you go to Paris and want to know what to do first of all you can start of with eating the food in Paris they all different kinds of food such as, Baguette, duck confit, Macarons and Croissant which is a famous type of bread in Paris. you could also visit any museums in Paris because there's a lot. Or go visit a fw tourist attractions like the Eiffel tower very very famous in Paris


The average temperature in July is about 25°C. In the winter the average temperature is

2°C in January. But the temperature is pretty beautiful every season. you know the summers in the U.s.a well June, July, August, September in Paris have a pretty good summer weather. the wettest month is May, the driest month is February and the coldest is Decemeber

Money in Paris

The money in Paris is called Euros. If you need to get around you would take a taxi you would have to pay 5% or 10% of the fare, If you go into a restaurants in Paris you would usually pay 15% but it depends on how much you eat.
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