Nutrition Through Life

by Matthew Dalton


  • Let john assist in making the food
  • Praise him on things he does right
  • Limit time on tv and play outside with him
  • Breakfast - Cereal with fruit/side of fruit
  • Lunch- Peanut-Butter Banana sandwich and some low fat milk
  • Dinner- Fruit salad with water/milk and some grilled chicken


  • When not enough time use the time you have to prep meals
  • Since she already loves fruit she could make fruit cups/bowls and use them for food
  • Breakfast- Cereal with fruit
  • Lunch- Chicken Salad and all natural fruit juice
  • Dinner- Spaghetti with a side salad and water


  • Exercise schedule is already good
  • Could ask for money so he could fix meals
  • Learning to cook
  • Breakfast- Eggs, Toast, Turkey Bacon and orange juice/milk
  • Lunch- Fruit Salad
  • Dinner- Meatloaf with green beans, mashed potatoes and carrots with own choice of drink