Trial Balloon

Chapter 20 Project


A trial balloon is a statement made gently to see how the public would react.

For Example

This article shows how a trial balloon can be used and interpreted. I'm sure that at least a few of the names mentioned could be part of a trial balloon to gauge the public's reaction. In the article a line says, "Palin was to be Trump’s rumored Vice President". This just shows how easy it would be for Trump or anyone else to spitball information out into the world and get a reaction.

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My Reaction

When I first heard of a trial balloon I didn't really think anyone actually believed those kind of things. But as I looked into it more I realized how easy it would be to deceive people in that way. While I think a trial balloon isn't the correct way to get the public's opinion, I must say that it is a very clever way to do so discreetly.


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