Health Science Update

September 3, 2013

What We've Been Up To

Students have been working diligently in their classes as they have all gained momentum over the last week. In science, Freshmen and Sophomores got to dissect sheep eyeballs as the final point of cross-curricular integration in our first integrated project of the year. Students learned about the anatomy and function of the eye in health after they learned note-taking techniques through watching a Ted talk ( on a newly developed way to treat blindness with a prosthesis in English.

Sophomores and Juniors also learned how to properly extinguish a small fire with the help of Lieutenant Miller and Firefighter Bennett.

Important Upcoming Dates:

September 3 - September 13: Freshmen at elementary schools for health screenings

September 9: Midterm grades posted

September 10: Midterm progress reports sent home

September 14: Sophomores at Airfest, at Scott County Regional Airport

September 16: Fitness assessments (freshmen)

September 17: Freshman field trip to the Thomas More College Career Showcase, Juniors at Eastern Elementary for health screenings

September 24: PLAN test - sophomores only

September 26: All sophomores out for CERT (Community Emergency Response Team)

Coming Up in Science:

All students have completed a sheep eye dissection!

9th Grade Integrated Science: Last week, we completed our intro unit on measurement and graphing techniques. Introductory Physics will cover the majority of this year, and we begin with a unit on motion. You will see students working on activities to understand speed, velocity, and acceleration. There will be a few quizzes during this unit before the test. Students should plan on a first quiz over motion on Tuesday, September 10.

Biology: Last week, we completed our intro unit on the Nature of Science. Students developed their understanding of the variables used for experimentation and how to decipher something as living or not. The next 2-3 weeks will cover a unit on Biochemistry. Students will review the basics of atoms and chemical reactions, as well as the key molecules involved with life such as proteins and carbohydrates. There will be a few quizzes during this unit before the test. Students should plan on a first quiz over chemistry on Tuesday, September 10.

Chemistry: The next few weeks are an introduction to matter. Students will continue to apply their math skills as we calculate density and interpret graphs. The next week will include activities to investigate different forms of matter and the changes that can occur, whether physical or chemical. There will be a Density Quiz on Friday, September 6th, and a unit test the following week.

Coming Up in Health Science:

Freshmen: We are finishing activities related to vision – checking pupil size and reactivity to light. Students should be registering for the online classroom called Health21, which will be used complete career exploration for Ophthalmologist, Optometrist, and Optician. Freshmen are continuing to perform health screenings at the elementary schools. The feedback we have received thus far has indicated excellent performance by the students – we are so proud of them! If students plan to eat on campus during the Career Showcase field trip, they should bring $7.00 by Monday, September 9th. Students may also pack lunch if they desire.

Sophomores: Students are continuing their online class for CERT (Community Emergency Response Team). They are currently on Module #3 and will be assessed on Friday, September 6th. Jack Donovan, Director of Scott County Emergency Management Agency and Office of Homeland Security will be a guest speaker on Tuesday, Sept. 10. Students should be asking you to sign permission forms for CERT training (students will be out on September 26 and October 16), as well as for Airfest on Saturday, September 14th.

Juniors: We are currently are working on Health Care Delivery Systems with a quiz on Friday, September 6th and are looking forward to learning to measure blood pressure as their next skill. Juniors have received training needed to assist Family Resource Center to conduct health screenings at Eastern Elementary on September 17.

Seniors: Continuing to participate in work-based learning and daily course work. Students have been conducting blood pressure screenings at the Elementary Schools, and some seniors have committed to performing blood pressure screenings on Saturday, September 14th at Airfest.

Coming Up in English:

English 1: Students were quizzed over the first half of their short story unit. We are continuing reading short stories ("The Cask of Amontillado", "The Most Dangerous Game", "The Scarlet Ibis") with an emphasis on theme, characterization and inference. Students can expect a unit test on Friday, September 13.

Honors English 1: Students are beginning their short story unit - we will read "The Cask of Amontillado", "The Most Dangerous Game", and "The Scarlet Ibis". We will have a particular emphasis on inference, theme, thematic statements, irony and characterization before students are tested on Friday, September 13.

Pre-AP English 2: After some anticipation activites and discussion, we are ready to begin reading Sophocles's Antigone. There will be a few quizzes throughout the unit, and students will have a major test over the play when we are through. There will be at least one quiz on September 13th, and it is anticipated that we will be finished with the play before Fall Break.

English 3: After a brief introduction to Puritan literature, students are beginning to read Nathaniel Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter. We will be working with The Scarlet Letter until around Thanksgiving.

AP Language: Students will be getting their reading schedules on Monday, September 9th. Supplemental activities to the readings will be due every Monday for the remainder of the semester and into next semester. I do not accept late work on these readings and students are to work on them entirely independently. Additionally, we are beginning a long unit on Rhetoric and Rhetorical Analysis in order to help prepare students for their AP exam in May.