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Everyones the same! So why treat them differently?

Why should gays be treated equally?

1- I believe that gays should be treated equally because they were born that way, and they don't deserve to be treated poorly.

2- People treat gays as if they are nonhuman, and some treat like there the same as us, though they are. Equal rights of the law should tell the people saying there not the same to reconsider what they were debating.


Back round information

A law that was passed on June 26, 2015 was legalizing gay marriage, and still then some people don't respect them as equal, but treat them as weird or unique. But in all, they were made the same just as people nothing else. The increased visibility of gays has increased and is shown as more public has influenced more of a decision for the gay rights law to pass. Prior to the decision, gay marriage was allowed in 37 states. Frankly, the U.S public opinion had shifted 27% in 1996. Marriage is based on love, not gender.


We are all equal, so why not treat homosexuals the same.

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Countries like ours needs to fix this issue. "It's increasingly a problem, as some countries have wanted to take a stand on the issue of marriage equality that isn't really theirs to take." Some people want to make everything right and have gays act just like normal people, but others want to treat as if they are unique and not part of there "family."

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Sometimes be weary on who you appear to act upon. "L.G.B.T. families are essentially taking a risk." They are taking a risk by going out and appearing as they want, that is fine but, some people don't agree with being homo sexual so that can cause a problem

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Grace struck in china with words that can bring a LGBT person joy, and it stated. "Official attitudes are improving in china." Having a better attitude can have an effect on a better environment for the lives of homosexuals.

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A hopeful turn in the society in china read"A rising tide of public tolerance for gay people in China is beginning to erode official prejudice." This tells me there is hope all the way in China with being gay which gives me hope for humanity in that sort of manner on how things that were bad like in 19992. Can always end up getting better.

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A saying that is thoughtlessly said states"One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter." Said, this shows bad things that happen, will give hope and just enough to find the good out of the bad and make a difference.


Stephen Baskerville stated that "Man' and 'woman' will no longer mean anything other than whether someone feels like a man or a woman. As a result, priests may unwittingly marry people of the same sex." some people feel as if they are saying that just because "more people will become gay." That people will only be straight just because of the noticeable increase in homosexuals. Kind've being a bandwagon in weird sort of way.