Zika news

Zika facts

How do you get the Zika Virus

"You get it from the bite of infected Aedes mosquito" (cdc.gov)


"The symptoms of the ZIka Virus a rash, joint pain or conjunctions Red Eyes" (cdc.gov)

Where and when did the Zika Virus first show up

"The name comes from the Zika forest Uganda, It was isolated in 1947" (Wikipedia)

How many countries has the ZIka Virus reached

"The Zika Virus has reached 43 countries" (Time.com) (Time Magazine)

Why has the ZIka Virus spread so fast in the last year

"It's a new infection for some countries and people are not immune" (pbs.org)

What is being done to prevent the Zika Virus from spreading

"You avoid by avoiding mosquitoes" (cdc.gov)

What is being done to treat patients from the Zika Virus

"Over-the-counter-medicine is used to treat zika" (medicinenet.com)

How can GMO mosquitoes remove the Zika-carrying mosquito population

"It sounds utterly bizarre at first. But the idea of using genetically modified mosquitoes as weapons to kill off wild mosquitoes is rapidly gaining traction" (www.vox.com)

Interesting facts about Zika

"The first Zika-related U.S. death was reported on April 29 in Puerto Rico; the cause was complications from Zika infection, including internal bleeding"

"Although usually spread by mosquitoes, the Zika virus is also transmitted through sex "sexual transmission was confirmed in Texas in early February, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has reported 9 more, with other cases being investigated" "A baby born with microcephaly in Oahu, Hawaii, had been infected with Zika, according to a press release from the Hawaii Department of Health" (www.everydayhealth.com)

Picture of the countries spread from the Zika Virus


Zika Virus Transmission Cycle

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Zika mosquito

"This is what the Zika mosquito looks like (http://www.cdc.gov/)

Zika mosquitoes caught

"this is an expert that catched these zika mosquitoes (www.cdc.gov)
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