Momo & Snap Visit Story Time

with fingerplays, songs & rhymes, crafts and activities

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Momo and Snap Are Not Friends can be used as a stand-alone for story and craft time and is also a great fit for several story time themes. Use it with books, both fiction and nonfiction, about friends and friendship, rainforest animals, and folktales about monkeys and crocodiles. Create your own story time with this selection of fingerplays, songs & rhymes, crafts, and activities.


We pick bananas, pick pick bananas,
Then we peel bananas, peel peel bananas.
Then we eat bananas, eat eat bananas.
Then we go bananas, go go bananas!

See demonstration on YouTube:

Credit: Hennepin County Library, Birth to 6 website

Crocodile Song

Oh, she sailed away

On a bright and sunny day

On the back of a crocodile.

You see said she,

He's as tame as he can be,

I'll ride him down the Nile.

Well the croc winked his eye

As she waved them all goodbye,

Wearing a happy smile.

At the end of the ride

The lady was inside

And the smile was on the crocodile!

See demonstration on YouTube:

Credit: Washington Cty Cooperative Library Services (OR)

Two Little Friends

Two little friends are better than one,
(hold up fingers on right hand, one on left)
And three are better than two
(three on left, and two on right)
And four are much better still.
(four on right hand)
Just think!
What four little friends can do!

Credit: King County Library System (WA) - Tell Me a Story

Not Say a Single Word
Can you slide, slide, slide like a snake?
And run, run, run like a dog?
And walk, walk, walk like an elephant?
And hop, hop, hop like a frog?
And swim, swim, swim like a fish?
And fly, fly, fly like a bird?
Then sit right down, and fold your hands,
And not say a single word?

See demonstration on YouTube:

Credit: Hennepin County Library, Birth to 6 website

Songs & Rhymes

Monkeys and the crocodile

Five little monkeys sitting in a tree

Teasing Mr. Crocodile- you can't catch me

Along comes Mr. Crocodile with mouth open wide

Snap! One monkey inside

(repeat through five monkeys)

Credit: King County Library System (WA) - Tell Me a Story

You Sing a Song

You sing a song, and I’ll sing a song,

And we’ll sing a song together.

You sing a song, and I’ll sing a song,

In warm or wintry weather.

You hum a tune, and I'll hum a tune,

And we'll hum a tune together

You hum a tune, and I'll hum a tune,

In warm or wintry weather

You whistle a while…

You tell a tale…

You do a dance…

You give a hug…

You sing a song…

Download the song and song sheet:


Crafty Crocodile

You need: 1 piece A4 card.

Step 1. Take a piece of A4 card and fold it in half, so it is a thin rectangle.

Step 2. Starting from the top and finishing at the bottom of the card, draw a semi-oval.

Step 3. Each end of the oval needs to be slightly pointed.

Step 4.Then draw two small rectangular feet on each side of the curve.

Step 5.Cut out the crocodile.

Step 6. Along the folded edge, make 6 diagonal slits.

Step 7. Push the slits up with a pencil so they stand up & carefully fold them back to form the scales.

Step 8. Draw on the eyes.

Step 9. You can either draw in the mouth or cut a zig-zag out. To make the head stronger cut out a piece of white card and stick behind the mouth.

Make your crocodile stand-up and admire your creation.

Children will need supervision and a little help, especially cutting out the scales.


Crocodile Castanets

This easy craft makes a satisfying sound that pairs perfectly with Momo and Snap. Cut 1.5” X 6” rectangles from corrugated cardboard, rounding corners on each end. Paint one side green; add a zig-zag line down the center; and paint eyes and nose at one end. Let dry; fold in half. Glue bottlecaps on each end of unpainted side. Click-clack!


Crocodile and Monkey Masks

Here are color printable templates for masks. Print on card stock, cut shape and cut out eye-holes. Attach with string or to a craft stick.





• Using masks or puppets, children can act out and explore the story lines. Ask children to tell a story using sounds without props.

• Ask group for suggestions of good qualities for a friend, make a list and post it on the wall.

• Lead a discussion with the group about the pros and cons of competition.

• Ask children to look at photos of animals and sort those that live in different habitats – land, water, jungle, desert, forest, etc.

• Movement activity: “Let’s Be Friends” (Tune: London Bridge)

Let’s be friends with one another
One another, one another
Let’s be friends with one another
Let’s be friends today
(You can sing with a friend, you can shout with a friend, you can hum with a friend, you can jump with a friend, you can clap with a friend, you can hop with a friend)
Credit: Step By Step – Friendship Theme

Momo and Snap Are Not Friends

Written and illustrated by Airlie Anderson

Child’s Play, 2013, hardcover picture book

Ages 3-6

Story time guide written by We Love Children’s Books