A Look Into the Library

Weekly News from the Elementary Libraries

April 1st, 2016


What a wonderful night it was this past Thursday at Neal WIlkins! Math and Reading Night included many activities for children, visits from Henry and Clifford, and a silent auction that raised $5,500! So many people helped make this night a success, and it shows what a great force we are for the success of our schools, families, and children!


Here is a new take on one of our favorite games. Click on the link for an "I Have, Who Has" set for storytelling.


Coding Crafts

There are so many coding activities and sites available now, and it seems to me the best are those with a practical application, and more than just a gaming feature. After all, coding makes more than games! I am always searching for ways to show that, and found some great Lego resources for the upcoming year. As far as online resources go, I especially like the allcancode site game called Run Marco. Scratch and code.org have much to offer as well! This app sounds great for the creative, artistic younger children we have. Check it out!


Interactivity with a BOOK!

In the library we have the best interactive devices for young readers...


Come and get some of our new titles, which will be arriving soon, and include the companions to this book, Press Here


and we will have all of these:


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