By Emily

Dr. John S. Pemberton

Dr. John S. Pemberton, born Jan. 8, 1831,Knoxville or, Crawford Country. Growing up he attended local schools in Rome. He studied pharmacy and medicine at the Reform Medical Collage of Georgia in Macon. A few years later he then perfected the formula of Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola then went around the world.


Coca-Cola Invention

In 1888, the Coca-Cola formula was produced and mastered by Dr. Pemberton. At first the Coca-Cola was in water fountains but then it was produced in bottles by Joseph Biedenhan. They sold it for five cents per glass. Doesn't seem like much, but it was back then. Many people liked the idea about Coca-Cola in bottles, but they wanted a slogan for it. There were a lot of slogans thought of by people, but one caught their tongue, "The Pause that Refreshes".