Week of Jan. 13

Forest Heights 2014

Important Dates

  • 1/15 - MIDWAY---Check Point -Where are you with MOY Testing?
  • 1/15 - K-2 MTSS Tier Plan meeting in the media center
  • 1/16 - 3-5 MTSS Tier Plan meeting in the media center
  • 1/17 - 2nd Nine Weeks Ends
  • 1/20 - MLK Jr. Holiday
  • 1/21 – 1/22 – Teacher Workdays
  • 1/21 - 1/2 day GCS Prof. Development - more info in PLCs this week
  • 1/23- 1/24 – Rice at Distinguished Leadership in Practice Conference
  • 1/27 - Grades due in the computer by NOON.
  • 1/28 - AMC Team Training
  • 1/28 – Cardinal of the Month Luncheon
  • 1/27 – Scheduled benchmark MOY testing ends today
  • 1/29 – All makeup MOY mCLASS MOY testing finished now!

January Boom Pow STOMP - Click Here

Boom Pow Stomp (Staff Teacher of the month program) Please take your time to select someone that you'd like to recognize at FHES There is a small treat in store for the person with the most votes.

Media Entrance

Teachers I know that you have been wondering about the signs on the Media Center playground entrance door.

Please help us keep our school clean in appearance. I chose to discontinue use of this door for several reasons.

  1. The heavy traffic through the media center prevents for the best instruction to our students daily.
  2. Walking around the building on the sidewalk helps students to bring less sand and dirt into the building from the playground.
  3. Less sand and dirt means our floors are in better condition and create a better learning environment.
  4. Please count the walk out and around the building and vice versa as part of students recess time. When they recognize that this is eating into their play time it will not take as long.
  5. Burning Question: Can I use the back this door at all? By all means yes. Teachers and small groups yes! Whole classes no, unless it's a cold or rainy day and there was no route through the building for some reason. (ex. 3rd grade going to specials and the inside steps are on fire.) In other words there is always going to be an occasional exception.

Elementary School Resource Officers - SROs

Gaston County Schools was recently awarded a state grant designed to promote and provide increased School Resource Officer presence at the elementary school level. I am pleased to inform you that our school, along with all elementary schools in Gaston County, will be a beneficiery of this outstanding new program. Beginning in February, you will see an increased presence of law enforcement in our school. Please keep in mind that our SROs will be a vital part of our school fabric, and will be visible and available as positive role models for our children and as resources for our community. We may have the same officer day after day, or different officers on any given day. Regardless, please join me in welcoming law enforcement officers to our school. They will be a positive presence on our campus and have a positive impact on our school and school community.

Going Back to College

The University of Phoenix (UOP) has teamed with GCS to offer a 10% savings on tuition. In addition, application fees are waived for new applicants. Information is available at www.phoenix.edu/gaston. The tuition reduction is available even if you have already been accepted and/or started taking courses.

If you are already enrolled at UOP, follow the steps below:

Access your UOP eCampus site.

Once logged in, select the Account tab at the top; then, select the Employer/Tribal Benefits Program.

Select Gaston County Schools (of NC) from the drop-down menu.

Once the required fields have been completed, click submit.

Grants Info

- Don't forget it's that time ...Glenn Foundation and MORE!!!

January Grants News. Click on the link above ^

Page one contains information about the grants cycles of the Glenn Foundation and the Community Foundation of Gaston County. On page two you will find information about the three-year Burroughs Wellcome Student Science Enrichment Program grants for Science and Math inquiry-based exploration for your students. The same page features the NC State University Kenan Fellowships that you will want to let your teachers know about as well, along with the 2014 Toyota Family Teacher of the Year $20,000 grant opportunity. Likewise, page two contains the Disney for Change Grants' announcement which engages your students in service leaning.

Good News!

Congratulations to Jameika Knox for making the Dean's List at Belmont Abbey College this semester.

Sad News!

We have had a few staff changes.

Please wish Mrs. Linda Hill farewell as she departs from our school. She has served FHES well. We Love you Linda!

We wish Ms. Jennifer Cusick the best as she leaves FHES. Please support our 5th grade team as we make the transition with teachers. This is always a very difficult task.

With the departure of Walter Wilson, we are down one custodian and every little thing you do to make things less complicated for Jeff and Steve is greatly appreciated. To date I've only had one form submitted on the custodian report card. Remember that is designed for both POSITIVE and NEGATIVE reflections.

Happy Birthday To:

Friday 1/17 - Sandra Setzer