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Favorite Teacher

I really enjoyed listening to the stories that you all shared about the characteristics of "your favorite teacher" at the faculty meeting. Many of you were taken back to specific times and places in your education. I compiled a list of the characteristics that you all listed. Take a look at it and remember EVERY child deserves a champion! Whose champion are you going to be?

My favorite teacher was

… was inspiring.

… was caring.

… was funny.

… had high expectations. (He never let me quit.)

… had great hugs.

… was very caring & loving all the time.

… went out of her way to make me feel special.

… continued to encourage me even after I left her class.

… was always willing to help.

… was fun! And made sure to make everything she taught fun!

… played guitar and sang to us.

… did fun centers with incentives!

… had high expectations for us!

… were my parents! They supplemented what we learned at school.

… talks to you, not at you! Formed a relationship with me!

… invited me to her home.

… challenged me to work harder even when I was resistant (lazy).

… spoke kindly, smiled, often read stories, gave hugs, kept us busy.

… was passionate about her students and made learning fun.

… I translated between her & her landlord. Made me feel important.

… was funny – even hilarious.

… made up songs to help me learn.

cared – went the 2nd mile.

… made positive phone calls.

… was dedicated & challenged me to be my best.

… had a sleepover at her house.

… during nap time when my mom was sick my teacher saw I was upset and rocked me

to sleep.

… would send me on an errand when she measured the students so no one would make

fun of me being the shortest.

… comforted me during a school trip and pushed me harder than any other teacher ever


… 8th grade English teacher accepted all of her students right where they were at,

believed in me, secretly entered my short story to a county writing contest, and threw

me a going away party (surprise) when I had to move 3 weeks before the end of school year (we moved).

Ruth and Connie

Thank you for helping us celebrate Ruth and Connie at the faculty and staff meeting. These two ladies are special to everyone on campus. Their hearts are full of love for the children at Westside. A part of our school will leave with them. We love you Ruth and Connie!
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Happy Nurse Week Nurse Jessica... we love you!

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What's happening at WES...

Archery Team Love

Facebook Shout Out from Coach Burk

Another 5th grade Field Day in the books!! BIG SHOUTOUT TO:
Antonio Harris, Ralph Rowand, Amy Kirkland Smith, Katie Johnson,Margie DeMay Pollock,Patricia Lambert, Amy Dockery Shiver, & Carrie Frier!!
I couldn't have done it without you‼️‼️‼️
(If I forgot anybody, please tag this!) Oh! & Cynthia Fellows Tickel for being a photographer & Mom!!


  • The bus drivers taking students to the skating field trip and field day complimented the Westside students for their good behavior!
  • 5th grade field day was a huge success! Thank you Coach Burk, Mr. Rowand and Mr. Antonio for filling in for Coach Bennett!
  • Many classes around campus continue to infuse science in literacy centers.
  • Classes are continuing to maintain an academic focus! Bell-to-bell instruction.
  • The Spring Concert was beautiful. Many parents commented on how talented the students are.
  • Mrs. Crockett, Mrs. Walker and Mrs. Franey had a very successful class play.
  • The Battle of the Brains team did exceptionally well!
  • The Archery Team had a great time at Nationals. They represented Westside, Columbia County and the State of Florida well.
  • We had 92 participants at All Pro Dad. Thank you to everyone that helped out with All Pro Dad this year. It is a wonderful parent involvement program.
  • YUMMY!!! The Sweet Endings Dessert Bar was AMAZING! Thank you Sunshine and everyone that contributed.
  • We have 2 1/2 more weeks of school!!! Just keep swimming!