By: Gary Paulsen


In the book hatchet its Brian and his hatchet vs, mother nature. In the beginning he gets on a plain and flies to Canada to go help his dad with the oil rigs. His mom and dad are divorced so he lives with his mom and his dad needs his help. before Brian leaves his mom gives him a hatchet and Brain wonders why. Mean while when Brian is in the plane 1,000's of feet in the air, the pilot has a heart attack. Brian then takes control of the wheel and has to crash the plain.Then crashes the plain in a pound with no gas. He survives the crash but had hurt his back and his left ankle. Now it is up to Brian to survive stranded in Candida in a sea of pine trees alone. He has to survives by gathering food by fishing, hunting, eating wild barriers, drinking river water, and more. When his parents don't know if he is alive or died.


Brian Is all alone in the woods and has no one to talk to. To make himself feel not alone he

talks to him self.

"I'v better get some food now," Brain thought to him self.

"It's almost night," Brian said worried.