YCHS' Weekly Newsletter - October 3, 2021

Poston's Post

Good afternoon YCHS/FDJTC Faculty and Staff! We have made it to October! I'd like to begin this week by taking a moment to reflect on what you have accomplished through the first 8 weeks of this school year. We have established collaborative teams, created team norms, began working on curriculum maps, provided instruction to hundreds of quarantined students in addition to those with you face to face, covered for colleagues as they have been out, and managed the overall stress of living in a pandemic.

Two months ago, as we started the year, we discussed "The York Way" and our focus on excellence. As expected, you have taken to this challenge, in spite of the obstacles. You are doing an outstanding job! And while we want to keep moving forward towards our goal, it's important to remember that we control the pace at which we move. When we feel overwhelmed, we can slow down and give ourselves grace!

As I debriefed with our Admin Team about our last Collaboration Day meetings, I was excited to hear the instructional adjustments we feel we need to make due to COVID. We recognize the social, emotional, and behavioral issues we are facing, especially with our 9th graders.

Beginning next week our Guidance Team will be pushing in to our 9th grade classes to provide some training for our students. We will start next Monday with Conflict Resolution training. Ninth grade teachers should receive information later this week about the schedule.

The month ahead is full of events such as Club/Faculty Meetings, Homecoming, Professional Collaboration, Honor Society Inductions, Report Cards, and more! I look forward to the month ahead. I hope you have a wonderful week!

Dual Modality

Earlier this semester, we established expectations for providing instruction to students on quarantine. While what the instruction looks like may vary, depending on the course and student connectivity, all courses are providing instruction to quarantined students in one of the following three ways:

  • Allow students to live link “fishbowl” in the classroom
  • Record lesson and post it to canvas
  • Provide paper packets during period of absence

Because teachers are providing this instruction to quarantined students, YSD1 will be providing teachers with a Dual Modality stipend. The stipend will be $500 for the 1st semester and will be paid at the end of January in a separate check. All teachers must submit the form linked below to Ms. Sandi Johnson in order to receive their stipend.

Dual Modality Form

Please let Mr. Poston know if you have any questions.

Big picture

Donna's Details

SLO info

SLO preliminary conferences are to be completed and are due by the end of the 9 weeks. Now is the time to make sure your orientation is complete so that you can open up the SLO tab of SC Lead and start to complete the first step of your SLO.

Access your SLO by clicking the “Student Growth and Professional Goals” tab on the left, then click “add SLO.” Make sure you are on the “Preliminary Conference” tab and complete I, II, and III, making sure you pay attention to the clarifying remarks associated with each question.

Let your admin know when you are done so that we can read, give feedback, and sign off.

Important Dates for this Week

October 6 - Building Leadership Team Meeting - 7:45 AM in Room E208


October 6 - Virtual PD Choice Board - evidence due by midnight on October 6th

School Improvement Council

You are invited to attend the next School Improvement Council meeting on Tuesday, October 26 at 6:00 PM in the YCHS media center.

YCHS/FDJTC Handbooks and Manuals

The YCHS/FDJTC Employee Handbook, Student Handbook, and Grading Manual are linked here for your convenience.

YCHS/FDJTC Employee Handbook

YCHS/FDJTC Student Handbook

YCHS/FDJTC Grading Manual

Morning Announcements

We will begin broadcasting the morning announcements this week. The morning announcements will be broadcast live via the portal each morning at the beginning of 1st block. Be sure to have your 1st block class watch the morning announcements each day.

Instructions for viewing the portal are listed here. If you have any issues, please place a Technology work order.