CNC manufacturing

Computer Numerical Control

Jobs in CNC Manufacturing

CNC Machinist: They set up industrial machinery and is responsible for operating machine tools to create metallic pieces. CNC machinist must be able to read blueprints and make sure CNC programs are properly working. They make an annual $28,686- $58,808.

Machinist CNC Programmer: They program the machines that cut, shape, and finish materials such as metals, plastics, or wood into usable components. CNC programmers need to know how to use CNC programs and must be able to read blueprints. They make an annual $35,222- $75,492.

CNC operator: CNC operators maintain CNC machinery and tools. They must be able to read blueprints and recognize CNC machinery. CNC operators make an annual $30,066- $63,278.

Machine Shop Programmer: A machine shop manager is a skilled tradesperson who oversees manufacturing processes for companies such as steel mills, metal processors, and automotive, aerospace, and shipbuilding businesses. They must be able to read blueprints,train employees, and maintain and upgrade CNC machinery. They make an annual $39,310- $91,620.

In CNC Machining, it would be useful to have a background in mathematics, industrial arts and mechanical drafting, as well as computer usage.

The History of CNC

Why CNC manufacturing

I chose to research about CNC manufacturing because I was amazed how the CNC machine cooperated with the computer and how it made its' engravings. I really enjoy using computers too.


CNC machines make gears, screws, bolts, etc.