By: Danny Crites


Adolf Dassler was born November 3, 1900 in Herzogenaurach, Kingdom of Bavaria, German Empire. His father was Christoph Dassler and worked in a shoe factory and supported Adolph in starting his own business. His brother Rudolf Dassler joined the business on July 1, 1924 and they started a company called "Dassler Brothers Shoe Factory". In 1948, a rift between the brothers caused Rudolf to leave the company and found Puma, and Adolf renamed the company Adidas after his own nick name Adi Das. His industry was mainly sports equipment, started as track shoes, then all shoes, then apparel and accessories.
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Intro of invention

1920-24: Adi created a shoe with spiked heels for track and field.

1936-59: In the 1936 Olympics his track shoe made Jesse Owens win the gold. 700 patents were made by 1959.

1952-56: Adidas cleats had removable spikes sparking a revolution in athletic shoes and played a big part in the 1952 Olympics. In 1954 Adidas produced a total of 450,000 pairs of shoes.

1980-90: Adolf dies in 1980 and his children and wife run the business. Then handed the business to Robert Louis-Dreyfus. Adidas was turning from a manufacturing and sales to a marketing company. In 1996 Adidas equips 6000 Olympic athletes from 33 countries and wins 220 medals (70 Gold). Apparel sales increased by 50%.

1987: Run DMC made a song names My Adidas which boosted numbers.

2006: Adidas acquired Reebok

Because of the feud between brothers Puma was created by his brother Rudolf.


Started working with father at a shoe factory and wanted to start his own business. Started with his brother than split and made it his own calling it Adidas. He started focusing on shoes for track and field and experimenting with spikes. By the 1930's the company was making 30 different shoe brands for 11 different sports and had a workforce of nearly 100. He had no education background just started working with his dad at an early age. He was inspired by a dream to make shoes, concentrated on track shoes with spikes but then evolved into all sport shoes. Adidas makes 17 billion dollars a year in sales.


The qualities he has that makes him a good leader is:











Adolf is a leader because he was able to take one thing and turn it into a billion dollar business

Extending my knowledge

I admire what he did because he came from the bottom and made a good product and many other products came with it. I love Adidas products because they look good and feel comfortable. I do not have similar interests to start my own business. I would make a shoe that would have a portable mini grill that you can use at any time.