Ms. Phillips' 1st Grade Newsletter

Friday, December 11, 2015

Upcoming Dates:

December 18- Project Sweeny at 9:15 a.m.

December 22- Second Quarter Ends

December 23- Winter Break Begins!

January 8- Grade Cards Go Home


Here is what we will be focusing on next week:

Word Work

Words of the Week: out, have, little, what, ask

Word Family Pattern: out -shout, pout, about, etc.


Next week, we will use Christmas stories to review and assess the following reading strategies for fictional stories: asking and answering questions, retelling, central message, character and setting, and problem/solution. I am excited to see what they remember and know regarding fictional stories!


We will continue adding details to our Christmas-themed, personal narratives. They have chosen some cute, Christmas memories to write about!


Next week, we will wrap up the second skill in Unit 4. The students have been working hard at proving their answers and explaining their thinking.

Social Studies

We will be celebrating the holiday season by planning a Christmas Around the World event! Each teacher on the first grade team has selected a country to teach the first graders about. I will be teaching the students about the way Germany celebrates Christmas. The students will be traveling around the teams to different classrooms learning about the different activities that take place around the world. Ask your learner next week what they have learned about the different celebrations that occur in various countries! :)

Please feel free to email or call me with any questions you have. Thank you for another great week at Sweeny! Have a blessed weekend! (Only 14 more days until Christmas!)