Chapters 7&8

Gut Berries

Problem: Brian ate "Gut berries" which caused him to get extremely sick. Brian needs to find a different type of food to eat. pg. 63

Solution: Brian found raspberries to eat. Page 69.


Problem: The bear surprised Brian when he was picking raspberries. He was afraid and ran away before the bear could attack him. pg. 70

Solution: Brian realized that he is not alone in the woods and that the bear is not afraid to be around him. The bear's intentions were not to harm Brian, but to gather raspberries. pg. 70&71

Chapter 8


Problem: The porcupine hits Brian with his tail of quills.

Solution: Brian throws his hatchet at the porcupine and then pulls out the quills so that his leg won't get infected.

Porcupine Facts

    • two dozen porcupine species
    • have coat of needle like quills (some up to a foot long)
    • quills lie flat until the porcupine feels threatened
    • quills detach easily when touched, porcupine grows new ones
    • North American porcupine is the largest. resides in the United States and Canada
    • Nocturnal & live forests, sometimes caves and rocky areas
    • http://animals.nationalgeographic.com/animals/mammals/porcupine/

Helped or Hindered?

Do you think that the porcupine incident helped Brian's chances of survival, or do you think it hindered his chances of survival? Explain why.