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May 14, 2021 Edition

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Exam Schedule

Please note the Exam Schedule above and that Tuesday - Friday are early release days for LFC students. Buses will run regular routes at the early release times.

Yearbook Distribution

Our Yearbooks have been distributed. If your in-person student has missed their delivery, please tell them to come to the Main Office of the school and ask for their book.

We do have plenty of extras to sell. We will be set up on Monday & Tuesday mornings next week before 1st period near the cafeteria to sell books.

Virtual students are welcome to come to the front door of Lowery and request to buy a book anytime during office hours.

Message from our Nurse

If your student has medication in the health clinic, please call or email to make arrangements to have it picked up no later than May 17th. Please call the clinic to make an appointment for pick-up and we will bring the medication out to the reception area.

Any medication not picked up will be destroyed at the end of the school year. No medications will be held over the Summer break.

Clinic phone number is 972-360-4969

Schedule to return items for IN PERSON STUDENTS

Students can begin returning textbooks and library books any time next week.

Regarding Library books:

"Lowery students: Time to start cleaning out your backpack and searching under your bed, in your closet, or on that table where you keep random stuff! This is your last reminder that you must return all library books to the library as soon as possible! We are not charging late fees, but if you do not return the book at all, you WILL be charged a replacement fee. If the fee is not paid, it can affect your Privilege Period as a sophomore. If you have any questions or concerns, please come up to the library and speak to Ms. Cotton before you leave for the summer."

Regarding Textbooks:

Students should begin returning textbooks beginning Monday, May 17th. Mr. Solis will be collecting books each morning from 8:25 - 11:00 in the Upper E Hall East side.

School devices:

Electronic devices signed out to students will be collected during the 8th period final exam on Friday, May 21st. Please be sure to bring the charging cord along with the device.

Unpaid IDs:

IDs can be paid on-line at SchoolPay.com or in person by going to House 100.

Schedule to return items for AT HOME LEARNERS

Textbooks and electronic devices may be returned beginning next Friday, May 17th between the hours of 2pm and 4pm.

We will also be set up to receive these items on Monday, May 24th and Tuesday, May 25th from the hours of 8 am - 4 pm.

Please bring the items to the front door of the school and someone will meet you there.

You may also buy a Yearbook at this time.

Always remember to bring the charging cord for your device.

HGAP Students may keep their electronic devices...

Please watch for communication from Carrie.Rivera@allenisd.org for when HGap Students must have their devices turned in.

Freshman Awards

A huge shoutout to the staff here at LFC for finding a creative and innovative way to celebrate the students who received a Freshman Award this year. Principal Stafford and her amazing team created a series of videos to recognize the award-winning students. You may view all of the videos here:


From the homepage, you can click on the link for the subject area and search for your child’s name and the award/recognition they received. Each award has a video specifically recorded for your child by the teacher that nominated them for the award.

Thank you all for your support throughout this school year and thank you most of all for supporting your student in their success.

Summer School Info

Summer School info can be found on the Allen High School webpage here: