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March 6, 2020 Edition

Spring Break is Here!

Have a safe and fun Spring Break. We look forward to welcoming students back on Monday, March 16th. It will be an "A" Day.

Upcoming Events

3/6 Early Release Day

3/9 - 3/13 Spring Break

3/16 Back to School "A" Day

4/25 Medication Disposal Event

5-2 Special Election

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Special Attendance Credits Election Called

Allen ISD will hold a special election on May 2 seeking voter approval for a process to reimburse the state for recapture payments. The ballot measure, called an attendance credit election, is required due to changes brought about by Texas House Bill 3 in the 2019 session.

Allen ISD is considered a high property wealth school district by the state. As a result, the state recaptures a portion of the school district’s local tax revenue. Those funds are ultimately redistributed to low property wealth school districts through legislation commonly referred to as the Robin Hood law.

Allen ISD has been making recapture payments to the state since 2011 by purchasing attendance credits under an exemption that did not require voter approval. This means that the recapture funds could be taken out of Allen ISD’s annual state funding without a special election.

Under the new law, Allen ISD cannot continue using attendance credits for recapture payments without voter approval. Therefore, the Board of Trustees has authorized a special attendance credit election to be held on May 2, 2020 in conjunction with the regular city and school elections.

The one-time election would not change the amount of recapture funds or impact Allen ISD taxes. Voters are only being asked to approve the process by which state payments have been made since 2011.

Allen ISD is required to make recapture payments. If the attendance credit process is not approved by voters, the State of Texas is authorized to detach commercial property from the school district tax rolls and annex them to another school district. That change would be permanent.

“The special election is a direct result of changes in the law,” according to Robin Bullock, superintendent of schools. “It is not a referendum on Robin Hood and the district will still be obligated to make recapture payments. We have been paying the state through attendance credits since 2011 and will continue to do so with voter approval.”

Visit the AISD District home website for more information.

Orchestra News

Last Monday and Tuesday, the LFC Orchestras participated in the UIL Concert and Sight Reading Performance at Allen High School.

· The Lowery Concert and Camerata Orchestra both earned a “Superior” award for their Concert performances and “Excellent” awards for their Sight Reading performances.

· The Lowery Sinfonia, Chamber, and Symphony Orchestras all earned “Superior” awards for both their Concert and Sight Reading performances.

Congratulations to all of our Orchestra students for all of their hard work!

Competition Results - Texas State German Contest 2020

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On Saturday, Feb 29th, Allen High School and Lowery Freshman Center students attended the Texas State German Contest in San Marcos, TX.

In total, 912 students from 53 different schools competed in events ranging from music to language tests and art/crafts. Thirty-one (31) Allen ISD students qualified for this contest in a variety of events, and each student worked hard for months to prepare for this weekend. Staff members Beth Raeder, Shelby Cleveland, and George Cornelius accompanied students, as well as several parent volunteers (the Mott, Hanfland, and Hill families) and a fantastic bus driver (Dave Martin).

Please join us in congratulating all of the students who competed for a job well done!

Final Results of Texas State German Contest 2020

Overall Sweepstakes
Large schools


Allen High School, all students

Sweepstakes are awarded to schools receiving the highest number of points. Points are earned for each event in which a student places 1st – 10th.



Student name(s)




Bonnie (Christina) Parker

Photo Essay


Alessio Haro


Duet Acting - 2


Nicole Vogler, Caitlyn Mann

Poetry Memory - Adv


Tariq Mahamid

Poetry Reading - 2


Berkley Ponce


Contemporary Music


Marissa Hill, Autumn Larsen, Ashlyn Timiney

Folk Dance


Marissa McCann, Cephus Bess-Grunewald, Estee Kiel, Paul Seidel, David Vossman, Annelise Sampson, Michael Mott, Daniel Hanfland, Greta Hundtofte, Berkley Ponce

Polka Band


Ephram Hedges, Rodrigo Suarez, Greta Hundtofte, Caroline Falla, Haleigh Jo Shoemake, Ronnie Weaver, Ani Sharma, Jacob Winkeler, Dhanish Parimalakumar

Vocal Solo


Nicole Vogler

Written/Oral tests:

Comprehension - Advantaged


Daniel Hanfland

Culture - 1


Jacob Winkeler

Culture - 2


Berkley Ponce

Reading Comprehension - 3


Autumn Larsen

Sight Reading - 2


Dhanish Parimalakumar

List of all students who competed at the Texas State German Contest 2020:

Bess-Grunewald, Emma (Cephus)

Ewing, Colin

Falla, Caroline

Figueroa-Vazquez, Leonardo

Hanfland, Daniel

Haro, Alessio

Hedges, Ephram

Hill, Marissa

Hundtofte, Greta

Kellom, Alison

Kiel, Estee

Koul, Parth

Larsen, Autumn

Mahamid, Tariq

Mallik, Zunayed

Mann, Caitlyn

McCann, Marissa

Mott, Michael

Parimalakumar, Dhanish

Parker, Bonnie (Christina)

Ponce, Berkley

Sampson, Annelise

Seidel, Paul

Sharma, Ani

Shoemake, Haleigh Jo

Suarez, Rodrigo

Varas, Abigail

Vogler, Nicole

Vossman, David

Weaver, Ronnie

Winkeler, Jacob

New Drop-Off and Pickup Procedures

Many of you have probably noticed a few changes that have occurred over the last few days regarding the traffic flow in the mornings and afternoon. We have heard your concerns and have been working with our district and campus personnel to address the drop-off & pick-up area here at Lowery. The following information is the current plan for expediting the drop-off & pick-up of your student:

  • All travel is still one way. Traffic will flow North to South from Pebblebrook around the building to Jupiter as usual.
  • Two drop-off & pick-up lanes have been established. The two lanes closest to the curb after making the curve at the north end of the building will be utilized for drop-off & pick-up. The second lane does not begin until after the curve near the practice fields. Please pull all the way forward to allow for as many cars to utilize this space as possible and encourage your student to exit the vehicle quickly. There will be staff members out in the drop-off/pick-up area to assist students and help keep traffic moving. Once you have dropped off or picked up your student, please remain in the established lane to pull forward and exit the campus onto Jupiter Rd. **Keep in mind that the traffic will merge back to one lane moving around the South end of the building.
  • Far left lane is for thru traffic only. The far left lane nearest the practice field is to be used for pass through access to the South parking lot and/or athletic area. For safety purposes, please do not use this lane to drop-off or pick-up your child.

Thank you for your attention to these changes as we continue to adjust things for a more fluid traffic flow.

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Reminder: No outside food deliveries are allowed to students.

Only family can drop off lunches to students. Thank you!

Clubs, clubs and more clubs!

We have a Club Central Poster Wall in our Main Hallway where students can see info on all the clubs. Here's our list of after school clubs. Late Bus passes are available.

**NEW** Art Club Tuesdays after school in F116 brian.wiseman@allenisd.org

Archery, Shooting or Fishing Clubs: email Jason.Anderson@allenisd.org for information.

Chess Club: Thursdays in the Library

Dolls: Meets Tuesdays after school in E125. Daphryne.Manning@allenisd.org

Girls Who Code will meet Mondays in B211 beginning 1/27/20 trina.curran@allenisd.org

Guitar Club: Every Thursday beginning 9-12 after school in B213. Chris.Brooks@allenisd.org

FCA: Meet at Allen High School Thursdays after school by the big gym.

French Club: once a month on Mondays in E124 (1st date is 10/7)

Rebecca.Attar@allenisd.org or Louise.Tessier@allenisd.org

HOSA Club: Meets Thursdays after school in B106.

MSA (Muslim Student Assoc.) meets Fridays after school in B115.

Nintendo Club: Mondays in the Library

Robotics: Tuesdays & Thursdays in Room B108 beginning 9/10

Julie.Kiel@allenisd.org or Javier.Encino@allenisd.org

Spanish Club: every other Tuesday beginning 9-10 in E218 Victor.Davila@allenisd.org

Student Council : 3rd Thursday each month D123 (room may change)

UIL Academics will meet 9/9 in Room D118. Dawn.Geshwender@allenisd.org

Write Club: Thursdays in Room D209. Joseph.VanWagner@allenisd.org

Students are welcome to attend clubs after school held at the Allen High School. First round buses that leave Lowery will stop at AHS. Here are a few choices and you are welcome to check their website for more information:

Key Club meets 1st & 2nd Thursdays of each month in the AHS Cafeteria

Harry Potter Club meets every other Monday in A116 at AHS

Blanket Buddies meets 2nd Tuesday of each month in A106 at AHS

GALS (Girls Advocating for the Love of Steam) meets every Tuesday in K213

Picking up Students during the School Day

Our process for checking out a student during the school day is as follows:

You are welcome to send a signed note with your student, stating the time you will be picking them up. The student shows the note to their teacher at that time, then they will be released to go to their House Office to sign out. After they sign out, they will wait for you in the Reception Lobby. You must come in to the school with your ID and sign your student out.

If they return the same day, you do not have to walk your student back in. They can come in to the Reception Area with their note and then check back in with their House Office. If you have any questions, please contact your student's House Office.

Absence Notes Reminder

When your student will be absent, we would appreciate a call to let us know. The direct line to report absences is 972-360-4892 or you can call the school's main line at 972-396-6975. Always remember to send a note back with your student for the absence to be excused within three days of their return.


Allen Eagle Run - Thank You!

Thank you to everyone that registered for this year's Allen Eagle Run. Lowery Freshman Center had 111 participants supporting this great cause. Thank you again!!!

Frios Gourmet Pops Spirit Day

Frios Gourmet Pops will host a spirit day on Wednesday, March 11th from 12:00pm to 9:00pm. Frios will be donating 15% of all proceeds back to the AHS/LFC PTSA. Frios is located in Watters Creek across from Blue Fish.

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