The Smart Potato Salad

Boost Your IQ With Some PS


The Smart Potato Salad Helps boost your IQ. Have you seen an increase in intelligence at your wotk or school lately? Well you should, because everyone is using this product. This product is pumped full of enzymes that help your concentration and ultimately help your intelligence. It is Great for the hard worker. Plus it is ALL NATURAL.

You Can Eat Potato Salad Too!!

This is Ernie, a farmer from the great state of Idaho. Being from Idaho, old Ern here is a Potatofficianado. He knows his stuff; and after some compensation, Ernie says this potato salad is tops.

Don't Be Stupid

If you don't eat our product, you will innevitably become an ignaramous. Do you want to be an ignoramous? Studies show that 7% of people who don't eat this salad lose IQ points. A whopping seven percent!!

We Are Popular!!

Rick Ross, the epitamy of genius and health, says, "This is potato salad is tight, Yo! I feels smarter every second. Ya' feel me?"

This translates to, "This potato salad is a delight. I feel my brain growing in capacity every waking moment."

So Go Over To Your Local Walmart And Grab A Paper Bag Of Smart Potato Salad!!