State of Kentucky

A Wonderful State! (facts may vary)

cool Spot's in Kentucky

There are many places in Kentucky to visit!

1. Louisville Bat museum! It tells you how they make bats and there are cool facts inside! They even have bats that have been signed by real players!

2. A football field. They are sure gonna give you a memory that you'd like!

3. Sweet Hotels. The hotels there are amazing. You get good service and a great room with good views of the city!

See pictures at the bottom!

more reasons below

Pictures of Sweet hotels, sport field, Louisville Bat museum!

These are some reasons to visit Kentucky and now (LIKE) the state!

a pursuade of Kentucky!

Kentucky has low ratings but don't listen to them, it's a great state with great places and resorts! So come to Kentucky the Great State!

KENTUCKY, the Great State!