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Back to School 2018 edition

PRO TIP-- read all the headlines to see what information you need! Don't miss something!

In this newsletter:

So much!

  • Shine 2018
  • All you need to know about STUDENT ACCOUNTS (and teacher log ins, too)
  • Gmail--- @hueneme.org--- it's the only account you need!
  • Edcamp Hueneme! Join the fun on Sept. 22!
  • Voicemail-- how cool! Update your message!
  • Digital Citizenship Lessons-- as you launch your classroom tech at the beginning of the year!
  • Social Sharing-- Twitter browsing
  • A game--- "Why is this phishing?"
  • Videos--- Chrome and bookmarks a TOTAL timesaver!


How LUCKY are we to work in place where we are encouraged to SHINE in such a fun way!?!

Big picture
See all the Green Screen photos here!

You will need to sign in with your @hueneme.org account

Are you still feeling the SHINE spirit? Keep it going all year long!


All the accounts--- how do my students and I sign into them?

I know! There are so many and it can be confusing! So Melanie and I made a chart to help. Mostly Melanie talked and I typed. She is smart and remembers all the things, I don't know how she does it (ninja memory!)


Two important things to remember

  1. Privacy Matters-- don't post passwords, yours OR your students. Don't write them on their nametag. IF they need it in print, give them their 300 #, their google account and their password (symbol/5 letter word with a capital/2 digits) to keep in a folder or their agenda. They should not be visible to a visitor in the classroom, for example
  2. Permission Matters-- please do not encourage students to create accounts in websites until you know you have permission f rom the tech department. Student data handling is a legal matter. Approved site list coming soon, but I'm glad to look into something that isn't on the list. Just check BEFORE using it, and NEVER tell your students to say they are 13 years old. Just not.
NOTE: To save trees, we are not sending the page of accounts anymore. If your students have their 300#, their @hsdschools.org email and their "symbol/5 digit word with a capital/2 digits" password, they have everything they need!


Email Update! Hooray for ONE email account!

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It has been a busy summer for our Tech Department! All your emails have been consolidated into one account at @hueneme.org! If you haven't been to a training or if you have questions, check out the button below to visit the training site. It just might have the answer you need!

(note: student accounts still use @hsdschools.org but ALL STAFF ACCOUNTS are in the @hueneme.org domain)

Quick Links:

bit.ly/hesdgoogleguide -- visit the HESD Google Guide!

Step by step instruction and video tutorials. The help you need-- when you need it!

Email on iPad tip.... It looks like the Gmail app has been working better than the native Apple Mail app. If you are finding your email isn't working the way you expect, try these things first.

(1) Go into Mail/Accounts in Settings and DELETE (usually, you can tap on it, then choose "delete account") the EXCHANGE account, and your @hsdschools.org gmail account.

(2) Add an account--- Mail/Accounts in Settings, tap GOOGLE, and sign in with your @hueneme.org account

A great idea is to use the gmail app instead of the MAIL app that came with your iPad.



Join us in a couple weeks... Sat Sept. 22

Totally fun, teacher conversations, topics are set by the people who are there, so ask yourself...

  • What do you want to know more about?
  • What do you love doing with your students that you can share with others?

If you have been before, gather your colleagues! If you have never been, check it out!

You just may leave with pancakes in your tummy, new ideas in your head, new friends in your heart, a smile on your face, and if you are lucky--- a raffle prize in your hands!

Did you know? Edcamp is for teachers everywhere! We call it Edcamp Hueneme, but it is open to teachers everywhere! Invite your Ventura friends, and your Oxnard friends, and your Conejo friends, and your.... you get the idea, right?


Update your Voicemail

If you have moved rooms or schools, or you are new (welcome!) you will need to set up your Voicemail. It is a good idea to record a quick message.

Need a script? "Hello. You have reached the phone of Mrs. Hueneme. Thanks for your call. Please leave me a voice mail and I will return your call as soon as I am able to. Thank you!" (but use your own name, okay?)

CLICK HERE for the guide, and check out the second page on the right. Or, if you have really good eyes, read the thumbnail image here!


Digital Citizenship Lessons--- September is the right time!

Let's get our students started right as we introduce student devices to them this month. Check out the lessons for your grade level and have a conversation with your students as you walk through the lesson plan.

Notice there are 5-6 lessons (3rd-5th grade, they are updated this year) so you can keep digital citizenship alive all year long. These are important topics to share with your class!

Lesson info on the Tech Department page. CLICK HERE

A good place to start--- left column, find the OVERVIEW for your grade level band.


The Twitters!!! They are SOOO GOOOD!!!

I know, not everyone wants to be on Twitter. Not everyone knows what Twitter even is.

Just listen. Click on the button below. Just look for a minute at the idea sharing. This is about sharing what is happening. Breaking down the walls and connecting with other teachers. Teachers who sometimes thing they don't have anything to add to the conversation, so they add what they have, and find that it was meaningful to someone else.

We are a community of greatness, including you. Welcome!

#hesdpride stream on Twitter

Click here to see some awesome local idea sharing! NO SIGN IN or TWITTER ACCOUNT REQUIRED!


Let's Play *** WHY IS IT PHISHING?? ***

I get it... we like to help

We don't want to miss something important. But, we also want to be alert. So, how about a game? Look at the image of an email that arrived in my inbox today. Why is this email perfect for my "delete and move on" strategy?
Big picture

1. That email address--- looks like a fake, huh? Sometimes, the address is close to the real one, but it isn't. Stay alert!

2. Google is notifying me that something seems not right--- sometimes Google puts these alerts up and I can ignore because I know it is legitimate. They just filter likely issues. Use all your clues.

3. The text is trying to strike fear and create urgency--- "I won't receive new emails? Oh no, I better act right now (before rational though sinks in)" See what they are trying to do?

4. They include a link to sign into my account--- I don't actually know where this link goes, but be very suspicious when someone you don't know sends you a sign in link, because often it goes somewhere unexpected and tries to harvest your passwords.

There is no harm in this email, as long I just delete and move on. I am too smart for this, and so are you!


Finally.... (whew, this got long. Thanks for reading!)

This tip makes signing into accounts and using bookmarks so easy; I have included it in every training this summer

STEP 1--- sign into your CHROME browser on your teacher computer (don't do this on a shared computer)
Step 2--- Use the BOOKMARK BAR

I'm telling you, your life will be changed and your productivity will improve.


TOTALLY worth watching those videos, right? Have a great day!