MA Tutoring

Gain without pain, learn without burn!

A guaranteed way to improve school for you.

Kids, do you struggle with school in general? Parents, do you find that your kids can't keep up with all their homework? This is where your worries end, Guaranteed to get results, Get A's with me, Murali! At a low rate $5/hour, we make it easier to afford quality tutoring.

Meeting at the local library!

With a quiet and comfortable environment, we make sure that you have the best place to learn all the subjects you need to know. We know that you need to be relaxed before learning a new subject and we do just that. With lots of resources available, we can fully immerse and extend your child well into the subject. We are open only on the weekends, any time from 7 a.m to 9 p.m, be sure to book an appointment, as this is by appointment only.

Murali, The Super Tutor!

Hey! Want to know how I, as the tutor can improve your child's grades? With good communication skills, I can really enforce the concept in your child's mind. I can explain in a manner that relates the concepts to real life. Importantly, I communicate in a manner that your child understands. Being in a one-on-one class helps as well. I am also knowledgeable about the subjects, and go beyond the current curriculum so your child will be prepared for the future as well. I display integrity, dignity and respect and instill good learning skills in your child as well. I also teach them how to do well on tests, and methods for not simply passing examinations but aceing them. Also, I have good interpersonal skills, and work well with people. Being near your child's age I can relate on another level as well.

Guaranteed to learn something new each time!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What makes you the best tutoring program?

A: We have an excellent instructor, that knows many subjects we extend beyond the classroom, and the environment we work in is great. We also operate at a low cost, but we know cost is no bar when it comes to your child's learning and that's why we connect on a more personal level, and explain and communicate in an easy to understand manner.

  • Q: Which grade levels do you teach?

A: We teach from grades 1 all the way to grade 8.

Scan this QR code to see one of the grade 4 concepts we teach.

Head Office, MA Tutoring

Visit our head office to register or to meet with our instructor or contact us through the contacts provided below. I look forward to teaching your child, and making you happy!