Newsletter Week 7, Term 4

Huirangi Primary School, Monday 29th November 2021

Kia Ora Koutou, Hello Everyone!

We have a wonderful day today celebrating the premiere of the Lion King. We had a parade of the all main characters before watching the movie in our classrooms. Children enjoyed the Lion King with some popcorn and our annual Annie Rowe sweet treat.

Thanks again to the outstanding effort Amy Woodward put into bringing this all together. The videography by Graeme Tidswell from Orbit Video has turned our production into a memorable keepsake. The quality is amazing. You can purchase your own copy of the Lion King for $10 by contacting the school office, or by emailing: before 3pm this Wednesday, 1st December.

Please send the money to school with your child, or pay by direct credit to our school account: Huirangi School Board of Trustees 15-3945-0210342-00. Reference your name and Lion King.

Details and instructions for downloading the video will be sent to you once you have registered and payment has been made.

While we are on the countdown to the end of the school year, our teachers are very busy completing End of Year Reports and collating data. This is can be a very hectic time for teachers. We are really focusing on upholding our school R.A.F.T values to ensure we make make it to the end of the year with all of our learners leaving for the holidays on a positive and happy note.

Ngā mihi nui,

Natalie Looney


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Touch Subs

Touch subs of $10 per player are due now please. These can be paid directly into our school account:- 153945 - 0210342 - 00 with the reference 'Touch sub' and your name. Alternatively you can get your child to hand in the money to the school office, where a receipt will be issued for you.

Gift Exchange

Thanks to the families who have sent in the buddy gifts already.

The gift exchange takes place at school towards the end of the term, so please send the wrapped & named gifts into the school office by FRIDAY 10th December.

End of Year Graduation Assembly

As you are probably already predicting, our End of Year Graduation Assembly for our Year 6 Leavers will look different. We want our Year 6's to have the best possible end of year celebration that we can give them. We have been discussing the end of year events with other schools and the Ministry of Education, and following their advice we have a plan that we feel will celebrate our leavers while also continuing to provide a safe and secure environment for all of our tamariki.

The Graduation Assembly will be held at school on Tuesday 15th December at 6pm. This will be with our Year 6 students and their parents ONLY. Our Year 6 students have received a letter with the full details about the night.

Waitara Foodbank Pataka Kai Food Drive 2021

This year instead of having a Grocery Raffle, we have decided to donate to the Waitara Foodbank. We will be collecting starting this week, and will deliver our schools contribution on the last week of term.

Below is a schedule of items that we will be collecting each week. There will be a box in the office for food items to be dropped into.

Thank you for supporting this cause!

WEEK 3 - 29 Nov TO 5 DEC




Any non perishable foodstuffs you are able to give is greatly appreciated !

School Swimming Pool

The school pool is now ready for our students to swim! So, each day until the end of term, children can bring their togs and towel [named please] for a swim. Instructional swims will begin early in Term 1, 2022.

Due to Covid restrictions, the pool will not be open to the public this year. The Board of Trustees has made this difficult decision following guidance from the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health, local council pools and some neighbouring schools.

We trust that everyone will respect this decision:- the pool water will not be kept in a safe condition to swim in over this time either, so please don't jump the fence.

Driving in the school area

A reminder to all families bringing their children to and from school....... please take extra care on Waitara Road and Bayley Street :- keep your speed down and always stop [even though it's not a stop sign] and look BOTH ways, at the end of Bayley Street before turning onto Waitara Road. Please be considerate and mindful of all vehicles in the vicinity, we have heard of too many near misses with vehicles turning onto Waitara Road when there is clearly not enough time to do so safely along with excessive speed and crazy overtaking on Waitara Road. If you leave home late, expect to arrive late.... don't try to make up time on the road.

Desks Free to a Good Home!

We have 8 school desks free to good homes. Please contact the school office to arrange pick up on Friday afternoon.

Term 4 Policy Review

Our Term Four Policy that is up for review is Māori Educational Achievement.

Please click on the link below to read and review our policy for this.

Huirangi School & Community 150th Jubilee - Taranaki Anniversary weekend March 12th & 13th 2022.

Registrations are open! Please click on the link below to register. Please pass on this link to anyone you know who has had children at the school, attended the school themselves or lived in the district. We'd love everyone to be able to attend the celebrations!

If you, or someone you know, are not 'computer savvy' REGISTRATIONS can also be made by phoning school [weekday mornings] where your details will be recorded.

Huirangi Stories:
If you have any awesome, inspiring family stories that could be added to the Jubilee Book:

Peter Wilson


Daily absentees

A reminder please always notify us when your child is going to be away - the school app is the perfect way to do this. If you are intending on a family holiday, please contact the Principal by email to request this leave.

Also, please note down the actual reason your child is away:- simply saying 'I am keeping ** home today' is NOT a reason and the child will be marked truant.

Duffy Book Sponsor

Greg Jupp Electrical Ltd are our 2021 Duffy Books in Homes Sponsors. Thanks Greg & Nic for this generous sponsorship which allows us to keep providing wonderful books for our tamariki.

Public Health Nurse

Gill Boyce can be contacted on 06 7546680 or 027 4064822 if your child has any health issues.

Upcoming Events

Thursday 9th December-Athletics Fun Day

Friday 10th December-Year 6 Day Out

Monday 13th December-End of Year Reports sent home

Tuesday 14th December-Graduation Assembly (Year 6 students and their parents only)

Wednesday 15th December-Whole School Assembly (outdoors).Last day for students with school finishing at 3pm.

Tuesday 1st February 2022-Term One 2022 starts

School Timetable

9.00am Start of the day

11am -11.20am Morning tea interval

1.00pm - 1.40pm Lunch break

3.00pm End of Day