Learning Coach Corner

Volume I Issue 1

Great Things Happening in our Classrooms at South Middle School!

Mr. Olson's students learned about the writing process of brainstorming/pre-writing, drafting, revising, editing, and publishing through sculpting with Play-doh!

Essential Questions:

What process does a writer go through to produce a final piece?

How is a writer like a sculptor?

Example 1 and Example 2

Effective Grading Practices: Re-do's and Re-take templates!

As we move forward with Effective Grading Practices, are you wondering how to tackle re-do's, re-takes and creating guidelines to accomplish this task?

The following templates are examples of effective resources for you!

Example Re-do and Re-take guidelines, self-assessment templates and Re-take ticket.

What is Mind Set and what does it mean for me?

The definition of mindset is: the established set of attitudes held by someone. How are we able to support students to a growth mindset ("I can") instead of a fixed mindset ("I cannot")? Learn more here. Carol Dweck on Mindset (Video).

Tech Bytes! Go Ms. Scotten and Ms. Bollig!

The Resource Fair provided a great opportunity for teachers to familiarize themselves with the awesome resources available to them! Resources highlighted: True Flix, Science Flix, World Book, and Culture Grams.

Check out these great apps:

Adobe Voice: digital storytelling

Aurasma: turn objects, images and places into new opportunities for engagement through augmented reality experiences.

Let us know how we can support you!