Falcon Times

Elementary School Edition 2: April 2015

A publication from the Elementary School Student Council; written for the students, by the students.

This Newspaper was edited by: Issam Hamza, Jolina Hamdan, and Phylicia Bandoh.

Stay Out of Trouble Frankie: Review by Safy Samhoun

I just watched the newest Elementary School play: Stay out of Trouble Frankie. During the play, I noticed how amazing the music was. The sound brought joy to my ears and a few times I caught my friends and I singing along. The actors were very clear, and I could understand every word that was said. The enthusiasm by all the participants made the show even better. The costumes matched each character perfectly, and I had no doubts about who they were acting as. The lighting matched every scene and I never took my eyes off stage. I really enjoyed attending this wonderful play!

Joke of the Month by Chelsea Antero and Nadia Tjahyadi

This guy went to school and he asked, "May I use the bathroom?"

The teacher replied, "Not unless you say your abc's."

The guy said, "a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o q r s t u v w x y z."

The teacher asked "Where's the p?”

He replied, "Half way down my pants!"

"Comics!" illustrated by: Mikail and Kyan

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Anonymous Advice: By Mr. Falcon

Hello elementary school,

If you have questions or problems that you need help with, email me for advice! I am a student councilor known as Mr. Falcon. I will answer questions and provide advice that I hope will help you.

Your name will be kept confidential.

If you need advice, send an email to: esstudentcouncil@asdubai.org
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ASD's New Tech Crew by: Nadia Tjahyadi

Have you ever wondered why eight students are often missing every Day 3 and 6 lunch recess? Well, those students love to volunteer and help out Ms. Williams and Ms. Cecile in the Computer Lab 228. They didn’t just get picked, they had to apply and fill out an application to get the position. These students are: Leila Aghabi (4W), Nadia Tjahyadi (4W), Sejal Mehta (4J), Sophie Marriott (4W), Sameer Mirza (4W), Noor Abu Khadra (4M), Emma Kraft (4M), and Andrew Kim (4W).

They are the Tech Crew. The Tech Crew keeps busy with a lot of tasks like adding number backgrounds to the iPads, sorting apps into folders, customizing the desktop on the iMacs, cleaning fingerprints off of iPad screens, trying out new devices and programs, and much more. Did you know that there are total 420 iPads from K2 to 5th grade? The ES Tech itself has six iPad carts with 66 iPad 2s and 60 iPad minis that the classroom teachers and the specialists can check out. There is a lot of work that needs to be done with those devices. They surely keep busy!

What do they think of the experience so far?

Sejal’s Interview

Interviewer: Why did you join tech crew?

Sejal: I love tech! I want to help the ASD community, and I want to embrace it.

Interviewer: What is your favorite part about tech crew?

Sejal: Getting fun tasks!

Ms. Cecile’s Interview

Interviewer: What do you like the most about the students in tech crew and about how they help?

Ms. Cecile: Their willingness to help and eagerness to learn more about technology.

Interviewer: Which task do you think the tech crew likes the most?

Ms. Cecile: Almost all of the activities that we do. Trying new stuff excites them a lot, such as programming the Spheros.

Andrew’s Interview

Interviewer: Do you think tech crew was a good idea?

Andrew: Yes, because now the tech crew assist our teachers with the iPads so they learn too.

Interviewer: Why do you like coming to the tech lab so much?

Andrew: I feel like the lab is my home, and I love technology. The good thing is we also get the opportunity to try new things.

As you can tell, these very techy children love being the Tech Crew. They follow all the Core Values, learn new things, and have FUN!

Swim Meet Article Interview By: Helena Fabel and Tahlia Jatwani

Swim Meet Question and Answers- Interviewed: Talia Fayyad

Q: How did your last swim meet go?

A: It was great! We worked together, and I got second place.

Q: Do you think the team did well on their last swim meet?

A: Yes. Nobody was discouraging, and we practiced well.

Q: Do you feel as though your team has confidence?

A: Yes. Very much, actually. We work really well together and we never say anything discouraging.

Q: What do you feel your team could do better next time?

A: Maybe we can practice a bit more, but other than that, we did a great job.

Q: Do you enjoy being on the swim team?

A: Yes! I love swimming and the team is great.

Q: Would you want to be on the swim team again next year?

A: Totally! It's awesome getting to practice with friends and have competitions.

Q: Why do you think the ASD swim team is a great team?

A: We just work very well together and encourage each other. We are just an amazing group!

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The Club Gaia Recycled Art Competition Was A Success!! Pictures of the Trophies Will Be Posted Next Newsletter.

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Club Gaia Tips!

Tip 1: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

Tip 2: Try not to use plastic cups as often.

Tip 3: Don’t litter, for littering can harm our environment.

Tip 4: Remember to switch off the lights and electronics when you aren’t using them. This saves energy.

Tip 5: Use your water bottles!

Get ready and be prepared for Earth Week

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Top 10 Swimming Jamboree Highlights By Franko Rizen

  1. Jumping off the diving board is like jumping into the ocean. Once it happens, you’re in a whole different world that you have to face.

  2. The swims were easy because it was all 50 meter races, and the races ended fast. So you didn't have to worry about pacing yourself.

  3. Even though the races were easy, they took your breath away. Many people were breathing heavily.

  4. During a race, you felt like you were going the speed of a race car, zooming through the race track (except in water).

  5. Sometimes in the beginning of races, it was confusing because they blew the whistle like 10 times!

  6. Tip: Eat food, it keeps your energy up and drink lots of water. You’ll need it!

  7. During races, you didn't think about the people watching you. All you were worrying about was getting 1st.

  8. When ending a race, you felt so relieved, and you smacked the wall as hard and as fast as you could to subtract some seconds.

  9. Every time you finished a race, you checked your timing because it just a reaction. You wanted to see if you got first, see how close you were to winning, or by how much you won.

  10. Finally, finishing the last event with such great races was an amazing feeling because you finally felt accomplished in your life...