The 18 little Chickens

The adventure's of the chickens

Chapter 1

Once upon a time a Mom ,and Dad went to go find food for there kids.The mom was so, worried about her kids .The Dad said they'll be fine there a sleep ,and we'll be across the street.What if the ...The monster comes back.You're just stalling come on.Fine let me get my stuff.

Chapter 2

HAY! Where's mom and dad ! I'm starving. Ya !Let's go to the farmer's land so, we can eat. They relised that they haven't learned how to fly yet. They thought how to go down .One little chicken said we could get the heavest thing and tie it to each other to the heave thing. They were thinking what would be the best to hold all of us. Let's tie it too the tree.

Chapter 3

Ha I can see they farm from here ! It 'll take about 15 minutes to get there. After 15 minutes past they saw a cow so, asked can you feed us? Sorry I don't have eyen food. I mite no someone who could get you food...A pig. So, they took off. Hay can you feed us? No I am sorry but, I don't have food! I know who can .A dog .So, took off! Can you feed us? No but, the farmer can .While they were running to the farmer they saw a fluffy tail. When they were run they triped on the tail .Yikes they all said! Run go to the farmer .The Farmer caught the cat before he ate them. You chickens must be hungry .When the mom ,and dad was flying home they saw they were down by the farmer. Ha there's mom ,and dad. What are you doing here? We where looking for food. Looks like you had an adventure.