How drugs are bad.

By Branden Little

How drugs that affect the brain work.

Most drugs will affect your mood and/or emotions. They will make you often feel like you aren't even there. They will also make you feel happy.

Sometimes drugs can trick your brain into thinking other thing and interpreting things differently.

The path to addiction.

The stages of drug addiction are:

  • Drug use- They try the drug for the first time.
  • Tolerance-They need more and more each time the use it.
  • Dependence-They feel that they depend on the drug and need it.
  • Addiction-When they cannot stop having the drug.

Some behavioral signs of addiction:

  1. Loss of interest in schoolwork
  2. Dramatic change of appearance
  3. Change of friends
  4. Unexplained mood swings
  5. Absences from school
  6. Dramatic change in eating habits
  7. Excessive secretiveness or lying
  8. Unexplained need for money
Withdrawal is when they have gone without it for a while and start to lose sanity from it.

Ways to treat addiction is going to therapy.